Episode 60 | The Latest In America’s Ongoing Culture War

Episode 60 | The Latest In America’s Ongoing Culture War

This week, we discuss the latest (and surreal) news stories like a North Korean defector stating that North Korea was pretty crazy,” but not as crazy as the propaganda she witnessed at Columbia University. Plus, we share how the Vatican is warning bishops not to deny communion to pro-choice politicians like Joe Biden. And finally, more data is coming out about America’s declining birth rate, that has some wondering, “How Low Can America’s Birth Rate Go Before It’s A Problem?”

Episode 44 |  Biden’s Concerning, “Anti-Life” Pick For HHS Secretary

Episode 44 | Biden’s Concerning, “Anti-Life” Pick For HHS Secretary

Special guest, Sheila Crutcher, joins us to discuss Biden’s pro-abortion pick for HHS Secretary. We go over nominee Xavier Becerra’s record on issues such as abortion and more; as well as his endorsements and his opposition. We talk about the bizarre times we’re in and the viral TikTok video going around which claims Helen Keller wasn’t real…

Life Talk: Pro-life News and Talk for May 2015

Update on Life Talk’s stories on abortion, Planned Parenthood, and pro-life news for May 2015. Pro-life advocates scored another major victory against ObamaCare when Supreme Court Justice, Samuel Alito, blocked a federal appeals court ruling that would have forced Catholic groups in Pennsylvania to pay for abortion-inducing drugs for their employees. The Florida based, Liberty…

Catholic org on governing body of group pushing abortion

A Catholic organization has been discovered on the governing body of a communist group which pushes abortion. On the November 2014 episode of Life Talk TV, the panel interviewed Michael Hichborn who updated our viewers on Caritas Internationalis. At the time of the interview, Hichborn was working with the American Life League. He has since…