Why America Has Lost Respect For Life & Who’s Responsible For It.

Religious leaders say that America’s underlying problem is that it has lost respect for life. But they fail to mention why & who’s responsible for it.


“Members of the clergy have been quick to lecture us that the country has lost respect for life. But what these guys are not talking about, is why that happened and who’s responsible for it.”

In the wake of an attack in Dallas where an African-American male shot 12 police officers, Life Dynamics Inc., a national pro-life organization, has released a video commenting on religious leader’s claims that the underlying problem is that the country has lost respect for life. Life Dynamics president, Mark Crutcher, points out that what the clergy is failing to mention is “why that happened and who’s responsible for it.”

But in the video, “No Lives Matter Until Unborn Lives Matter” Crutcher cuts to the chase.

The Real Story: No Lives Matter. The Real Story is a video series by Life Dynamics Inc. A video on America's lack of respect for life.
Mark Crutcher in the new video, The Real Story: No Lives Matter

The undeniable truth is that no civilization can have a respect for life when it allows the innocent and the most defenseless of their people to be killed.

It is pure idiocy to think that a country can have respect for human life, while at the same time, slaughtering its unborn children by the millions.

But this pro-life leader explains that the “biggest enemy of life” is just one thing, and it isn’t “any of the obvious villains.”

“I have been in this battle for decades and I can tell you that the biggest enemy of life is not the Democratic Party, or the ACLU, the secular media, or any of the other obvious villains. It’s not even the abortion industry itself. It’s the deafening silence of the church.

Abortion remains legal because the majority of America’s church leaders have not stood up. It is their silence that Crutcher says has done more to destroy our respect for life than anything else. He adds that, unless this changes, all we can do “is treat the symptoms of the disease.” Nothing more.

“We can shout at each other that Black Lives Matter, or Blue Lives Matter, or All Lives Matter, or whatever the slogan of the day might be. But until the lives of the unborn matter, then the truth is that No Lives Matter.”

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This video is part of a video series by Life Dynamics called The Real Story. To see more of these videos, click here.

Those wanting an interview should call Sheila Crutcher at (940) 380-8800.


  1. Ed Brophy says:

    The Church speak out in the defense of the pre-born. I saw a priest who stood up and spoke out like that in a movie: Marlon Brando On The Waterfront 1954 Clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4XLbRI0kdLg

    “Look for it only in books, for it is no more than a dream remembered, a Civilization gone with the wind…”
    ― Ben Hecht

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