Make America Moral Again

“Make America Moral Again”, is a sentiment that many Americans could agree with.

Should we listen to this advice?

It depends on what the person meant by moral. Who is the mystery person that said the above quote? Oddly enough it was “Creepy” Joe Biden.

On ABC’s “Good Morning America”, Biden responded when asked if he had a theme for his Presidential bid. He said his plan was to “make America moral again” and to “make America return to the essence of who we are… the dignity of the country”.

This is the same guy who goes up behind unsuspecting women and smells them; Mr. “touchy-feely” who you would never allow to baby-sit your kids. Mr. Creepy who thinks that personal boundaries apply to everyone but him. Oh, not to mention how he feels about abortion. Should we really be taking moral advice from a politician who believes that abortion is a wonderful thing, that there should be no restrictions, and that there should be even more abortions? Of course not!

"God Bless America" For this we pray even as we butcher His babies by the millions...Think about it.
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And when it comes to morality we certainly can’t listen to the Democrat party, AKA the party of death. This is the same party that declined bills that would require medical care to be given to babies that were born alive after surviving abortions. The same party that supports taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood. And the same party that houses politicians like State Representative John Rogers.

(To hear the outrageous things that Rogers said about abortion and Trump Jr., watch episode 142 of our show, Life Talk)

If we want America to get back to morality, we MUST not only respect but also defend life! Until that day comes, America will never be a moral nation.

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