Ambulance transfers patient from California abortion clinic

Pro-lifers outside a Bakersfield, California abortion clinic yesterday documented a patient being loaded into an ambulance.


Family Planning Associates is a chain of abortion clinics in California and the Bakersfield location commits abortions up to 13 weeks.


According to pro-life activist, Terri Palmquist, who regularly side walk counsels outside the abortion clinic, ambulances have been called to the clinic in the past.

As the emergency unfolded yesterday, pro-lifers documented abortion clinic employees raising sheets to hide what was happening as the ambulance loaded the patient.




Terri said they also documented abortion clinic employees clapping as the ambulance pulled away.


Moments after the ambulance left with the injured patient, a women approached Terri and told her that her daughter almost died when she aborted her baby at the clinic.

Deaths from legal abortion are not uncommon as Life Dynamics documents on the website

Pro-lifers say they are unsure who the abortionist on duty was at Family Planning Associates that day.

According to Terri, abortion doctors Vernon Wagner and Kenneth Wright usually perform abortions there, but she suspects they may be close to retiring as she has seen a new female abortionist there of late.

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