They’ll Be Coming for You Too: The Worth of Human Life In a Society

If we don’t learn from history’s lessons, pretty soon not only will the government be coming for the unborn, but they might be coming for you too.

Written By: Sheila Crutcher
Life Dynamics Staff

What is the value of a human life?

If you ask a variety of people, you would more than likely get a variety of answers; in fact, you might even get numerous definitions of what it means to be human. But if you ask a true pro-lifer, the response should be, “priceless.” No amount of money could ever replace the “worth” of an individual. While this is the absolute truth, the reality in this day and age is much different.

To society and the culture that we live in now, each individual definitely has a value. Some people are considered more valuable than others and there are even groups of people who are not only considered worthless but also undesirable. This idea of people being “worth” something, inundates society everywhere you turn. Instead of people having an inherent right-to-life, and simply being blessed with the gift of life, it becomes about what value a person brings to the table. Rather than looking at individuals and their own importance, it becomes about the overall collective. This mindset has permeated cultures throughout the ages, from socialist countries to Communist and dictator regimes, and it has finally gotten its grasp on America. There is no better example of this than abortion.

Abortion Transforms Babies Into Products

The abortion industry has successfully turned precious babies into the enemies of their mothers and society. A baby has to be “wanted” by his or her mother to be worth anything. The mother is the one that gets to decide whether the baby is desirable; if it is, it goes from being a “fetus” to a “baby,” from having no right to life to having one, from being a blob of cells with no worth, to being a human being with worth.

Abortion transforms babies into a product whose value is determined by what they can do for those who "order" them.
Posted February 12, 2021 by @life_dynamics_incorporated

Deep down, many people know that this logic and sentiment is backwards, yet they don’t stand up against these lies. Why? They feel like it doesn’t impact them. They have already been born – why should they put their noses in another person’s business? But the fact is, abortion is connected with everything and this type of sentiment affects everyone. When we, as a society, start giving individuals different values of worth, it affects all of us.

How can we expect to be a humane and “progressive” society full of equality, when we say that there are some lives that aren’t worth living and that there are some that should be exterminated? It’s impossible!

LIVE From New York!

A great example of how this backwards philosophy affects others, besides babies, is with COVID and the elderly.

The Democrat Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, sent thousands of people that were infected with COVID into nursing homes. As more information comes out, it is being revealed that the extent to which he did this, is much greater than was originally stated. In other words, he tried to hide his abhorrent actions from the public as much possible. It doesn’t take a genius to know that those in nursing homes are already vulnerable and are more likely to catch infectious diseases; but if you add a new, highly infectious disease into the mix, well that spells a disaster!

Because of his actions, thousands of people died, and the truth is, we will probably never know how many. People were outraged and shocked when he did this, while others simply ignored it, but many people have asked the question – why? Well, why not? Should we really be surprised that a politician who whole-heartedly supports abortion would do this? If he doesn’t care for the lives of the innocent and defenseless babies, why would he respect the lives of others? It’s a harsh answer, but it’s the truth.

His actions fit right in with a society that no longer values human life. Those that were infected with COVID were viewed as a burden to New York society. Those that were in the nursing homes were viewed as undesirable and no longer bringing a measured “worth” to the collective whole. So, why not just lump those two groups of people together and isolate and forget about them?

Court-Ordered Euthanasia

Another example of how this mindset affects people and society as a whole, is the trend of court-ordered euthanasia. As the hosts discussed on Episode 43 of the “Pro-Life America Podcast”, courts in the United Kingdom have been ordering euthanasia for both the young and elderly. Cases of forced euthanasia have been going on in Europe for a while and now both the United States and the United Kingdom have seen an uptick in cases as well.

The fight over doctor assisted suicide has been going on for years, but now we are seeing instance after instance where judges and courts are ordering people to be killed! We’re not talking about this happening in some Communist country, but in Western society where, supposedly, we have freedom! Every single person should be outraged over this, yet there is mostly silence. Eugenics has made a full comeback and it is going to continue to get worse.

In a nation that morally bankrupted itself by using child sacrifice to address social problems, why would any solution to the social problems created by the elderly be unthinkable?
Posted February 17, 2021 by @life_dynamics_incorporated

We also need to look at China and their “re-education camps.”

China has a long history of human rights violations and now abhorrent news has been coming out about the Chinese Communist Party putting Muslim ethnic groups in detention camps. The problem seems to be expanding and individuals have started coming forward to describe what the “re-education camps” are really like. While some politicians across the world have condemned China’s actions, Joe Biden has basically pushed the issue aside and in a speech said that it’s about “different cultural norms.” This is a perfect example of the type of attitude and language that you get when human life isn’t considered precious, rather it’s disposable.

The bottom line…

The bottom line is, if we can’t respect and value human life in the womb, we won’t value it outside the womb either. Society has become so inundated with the abortion industry’s lies, that for a major part of society, human life is worthless.

If we don’t learn from history’s lessons, pretty soon not only will the government be coming for the unborn, but for all of the elderly and sick… And pretty soon, they might be coming for you too.

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