What You Can Do to Defund Racism and Stop the Abortion Lobby

Despite the left and the abortion lobby trying to sweep truth under the rug, the abortion industry hasn’t been immune to scrutiny.

Since the Black Lives Matter movement has been sweeping across the nation, along with the violence and upheaval that has followed it, the left has associated everything with a “race war” in the guise of justice. Despite the left and the abortion lobby trying to sweep truth under the rug, the abortion industry hasn’t been immune to scrutiny.

For an industry that shouts “Black Lives Matter” and pretends that they stand for justice and equality, it is quite the opposite.

Several years ago, Life Dynamics released a ground-breaking documentary that exposed that the motivation behind the legalization of abortion was black genocide. While the film Maafa 21 has had a tremendous impact and has been seen by over a million people, abortion advocates and the mainstream media like to portray the truth as a wild conspiracy theory. We have heard excuse after excuse from them about why the film and message wasn’t true, but it has also opened up peoples’ eyes and made them change their mind about abortion.

Recently, a Planned Parenthood in New York removed Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger’s, name from their business, acknowledging her racism. Also, current and former employees of Planned Parenthood and other abortion organizations have revealed that there is wide-spread racism inside the abortion industry. The recent revelations certainly don’t come as a surprise to pro-lifers, who understand that nothing is beyond the scope of a business that slaughters innocent babies for profit. But now that their side is openly admitting it, we can’t let this issue go away and we must do something while the iron is hot.

“Defund Racism”

Which is why Life Dynamics has started the “Defund Racism” campaign. It is a two-part campaign where:

  1. We are calling for past or present abortion industry employees to come forward with the truth.
  2. We are demanding that the government immediately defund these organizations and launch a federal investigation into their actions related to racism and hate crimes.

We ran an ad on Facebook, which reached thousands of people, in order to bring attention to this issue and encourage whistle-blowers who work inside the abortion industry to come forward. And we just sent out a postcard to all of the abortion clinics in the United States, encouraging their employees to speak out against racism in “reproductive healthcare.”

Employees of reproductive healthcare facilities - including abortion clinics - are now publicly speaking out about widespread racism inside these organizations. These brave whistleblowers need your help! If you work in this field, and you too have witnessed workplace racism, add your voice to theirs. Call Life Dynamics today and we will make sure that you are not ignored. (940)380-8800 In the era of Black Lives Matter, there is no excuse for remaining silent.
The postcard sent by Life Dynamics to all the abortion clinics in the U.S.

So, what can you do?

  • First, sign the petition telling Trump and your other politicians that you demand that they “immediately defund these groups and launch a federal investigation.”
  • Second, share this petition with everyone that you know. There is power in numbers and we must not let this issue be swept under the rug.
  • Lastly, contact local and national media and tell them about this issue. Everyone must know about this. We must not let this message be censored!

By calling these pro-abortion organizations out, we are letting the world see their true colors. We MUST hold them accountable for their actions. We MUST call out their racism. And we MUST not allow them to continue to slaughter thousands of babies on a daily basis. The time to DEFUND them is NOW!

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