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Abortion and Pro-Life News for the week of January 4, 2020 – January 10, 2020… The start of a new year brings the abortion battle to the forefront in many states. Cities in Texas are declaring themselves as Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn. And a highschooler, who killed his pregnant girlfriend and unborn baby, has been sentenced. This and more!

Michelle Williams’ Abortion Golden Globes Speech

The Golden Globes were on Sunday, January 5th and, of course, the show couldn’t go on without political speeches being made by celebrities. Michelle Williams, who won best actress, couldn’t help but give a political speech. The visibly pregnant actress pushed for abortion rights by saying, “As women and as girls, things can happen to our bodies that are not our choice. I’ve tried my best to live a life of my own making, and not just a series of events that happened to me…And I wouldn’t have been able to do this without employing a woman’s right to choose. To choose when to have my children and with whom.” 
As she continued on, it should come as no surprise, that her fellow celebrities cheered her on as she advocated for the killing of defenseless babies.

Mom Refuses to Abort Baby with Rare Lung Condition; Child Wins Karate Medal

When Nicol was 20 weeks pregnant, the doctors discovered that her baby had a rare lung formation. The condition, which is so rare that it doesn’t have a name, causes lung and kidney issues. Doctors pushed for Nicol to have an abortion but she refused. Emily, now seven, is doing well and even practices karate (which she has won a bronze medal for). The mother stated, “Doctors didn’t have the chance to influence our decision because as soon as they mentioned abortion we shot it down, as it was not something we’d ever consider…And thank God we didn’t, as she’s doing really well now.”

Number of Planned Parenthood Abortions Increase, They Raked in the Money for 2019

Despite the lie that Planned Parenthood always pushes, that abortion is only 3 percent of what they do, the number of abortions they performed in 2019 increased from 2018. Their 2018-2019 annual report recently came out and it was revealed that they performed 345,672 abortions, 12,915 more than those performed in 2018. The report also showed that the money they received from state and federal governments went from $563 million to $616 million. Despite both of the increases, their revenue was down slightly, mostly in part because of a drop in private donations.

Highschooler Sentenced to 65 Years for Killing Pregnant Classmate

Aaron Trejo pleaded guilty last year to murder and feticide after he killed 17-year-old Brena Rouhselang. According to court documents, he was allegedly the father of the baby and neither one of them wanted to keep the child. Trejo stated that he stabbed Rouhselang because when she finally told him about the pregnancy, it was too late for an abortion. He received 10 years for feticide and 55 for the murder of Rouhselang.

Massachusetts Legislation Aims to Eliminate Parental Notification Laws

Massachusetts currently requires minors to get parental consent, before they get an abortion, or a ruling from a judge, but abortion advocates are trying to change that. A bill called the “Roe Act”, which is still pending in the state legislature, would remove parental notification laws. The bill’s sponsor is 82-year-old Senator Harriette Chandler, who said about the bill, “I think if people realize what a post-Roe world would be, that would make it even more reasonable to do this bill.”

Eighth City in Texas Declares Itself a Sanctuary City for the Unborn

The city of Rusk, in Texas, became the eight in the state to declare itself a Sanctuary City for the Unborn. The new ordinance, which was approved with a 3-2 vote, prohibits surgical or medical abortions inside the city limits. The director of Right to Life of East Texas, Mark Lee Dickson, has been helping citizens to get their council members to pass the ordinances in Texas. After Rusk declared itself a Sanctuary City for the Unborn, Dickson stated, “Tonight the City Council of Rusk made the common-sense decision that babies will not be allowed to be murdered in Rusk. In doing so they became the largest city in the nation, thus far, to outlaw abortion within their city limits. Rusk is the County seat of Cherokee County and I expect that the other great cities in this county will follow the city of Rusk’s lead in protecting the most innocent and vulnerable among us from the baby murdering abortion industry.”

Documentary “One Child Nation” that Explores China’s One-Child Policy is Censored

The documentary, among six other documentaries nominated for the Oscars, has been ignored by Chinese state media. The director of the film pointed out that Chinese media has covered other documentaries and films, when talking about the Oscars and film festivals, but has excluded “One Child Nation” from all coverage. Co-director Nanfu Wang also pointed out that, “Even for people who have heard of the film, searching for the Chinese translation of the film’s title (独生子女国度 or 独生之国) within China generates no results, except for this message: ‘the result of this search cannot be displayed because it violates related laws and regulations.’” Wang isn’t surprised though and wrote, “I believe people in societies that call themselves free have the particular responsibility of speaking the truth when they find it, of wrestling with each other about what the truth is, of questioning what powerful people tell them to believe is true.”
(Disclaimer: We at Life Dynamics have not seen the film. We don’t know if it or the directors are pro-life or are just critical of the One-Child Policy.)

States Gear Up for the Abortion Battle Heading into the New Year

At the start of the new year, things are already heating up on the abortion front. Legislators in different states have already introduced bills and legislation over abortion. For instance, Nebraska State Senator Suzanne Geist proposed Legislative Bill 814, which would ban dilation and evacuation abortions. While a dozen bills, dealing with abortion, were filed by lawmakers in Florida. Two of the bills include adding a parental notification law and heartbeat bill. Meanwhile, in South Carolina, a bill was proposed that would ban abortions after six weeks; while New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed legislation that will give Planned Parenthood 9.5 million.

Cincinnati’s Last Abortion Clinic Could Close

State regulators in Ohio are threatening to stop Planned Parenthood of Southwest Ohio from providing surgical abortions, and revoking their license. The Planned Parenthood location doesn’t have an agreement with at least one local hospital in case a patient needed to be transferred in an emergency, which is required by a state law. President and chief executive officer of the Planned Parenthood region, Kersha Deibel, stated: “Ohio is among a growing list of states drastically restricting access to safe and legal abortion through laws that medical experts agree do not enhance patient health or safety. The people in our community deserve more access to health care, not less. It is our position that the state’s requirements for a written transfer agreement or variance are medically unnecessary and just another strategy on the part of the state to place unconstitutional barriers on a person’s right to safe, legal abortion. Despite this, we follow the law and are actively working to identify a new provider.” There will be a hearing on the issue, but in the meantime, the Planned Parenthood location will be able to remain open.

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