The Problem With “Common Ground” Abortion Discussions

Every one of us has probably come across a pro-choice person who suggests that, instead of arguing over abortion, we should have a “common ground” discussion.

“Common Ground” discussions are where the ‪‎pro-choice‬ and the pro-life sides are supposed to “set aside their differences” and look for ways to reduce the “need” for ‪‎abortion‬. While they may seem like a reasonable and mature idea, they are actually a well-disguised trap.

Those in the abortion lobby know that the vast majority of the public who might be ambivalent about abortion, or even marginally pro-choice, are quite uneasy about the morality of abortion. For that reason, those who defend abortion have never tried to market their position as morally superior – or even morally equivalent – to ours. Their only goal is to make it appear morally defensible.

Every time we agree to look for “common ground” with them, we create the impression that even we accept that their position has at least some degree of moral legitimacy.


What this means is that the actual content of the discussions is irrelevant; the abortion lobby gets the moral cover it seeks the moment we sit down at the table with them.

They also know that legal abortion is much easier to sell when it is perceived that abortions are done out of need rather than want.

At the very moment we agree to look for ways to reduce the “need” for abortion, we are going along with their claim that such a need exists.

By doing that, we are reinforcing one of the abortion lobby’s most crucial and dishonest sales pitches. Once we understand this, the hidden agenda comes into focus.


To real goal of common ground discussions is only to validate their position.


That is why common ground events are, with almost no exceptions, inevitably proposed, organized and promoted by people with ties to or sympathy with the abortion lobby. As long as these people defend the killing of even one child, we have no common ground with them and no obligation to look for it.

Life Dynamics president, Mark Crutcher, goes more in-depth on the issue of Common Ground discussions and other danger zones for the pro-life movement in his new book, Siege.

Siege, the new book by Life Dynamics president, Mark Crutcher. (Common Ground Discussions)

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  • Thank you.

    Comment by Tamiko Anderson on July 23, 2018 at 5:59 pm
  • Common ground? One believes in giving life, and the other believes in taking it. No common ground there!

    Comment by Gramma on July 21, 2018 at 9:21 am

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