Episode 76 | The US Postal Service Spy Ring & Other Shady Business

Episode 76 | The US Postal Service Spy Ring & Other Shady Business

Has the USPS spied on you? What would once be an absurd thought is now something that has even the liberal outlet Politico asking questions. We discuss this and other shady business in the news right now such as: abortion clinics requesting ambulances with no lights or sirens for injured women, the hypocrisy of the Dallas Morning News, and Kamala Harris’s video endorsing Terry McAuliffe that is slated to be shown at 300 churches – despite the fact it violates the Johnson Amendment.

Mark Crutcher: Tim Kaine’s Position on Abortion Isn’t Catholic

Vice-presidential pick, Tim Kaine, recently stated in an interview that he is a traditional Catholic; but Life Dynamics president, Mark Crutcher, says there’s nothing traditional or Catholic about his position on abortion. During a recent television interview with Chuck Todd on Meet the Press, Tim Kaine was asked to describe his position on abortion.  The senator…

Cracks of baby skull heard in Planned Parenthood vid where doc says babies are sometimes delivered before abortion

In a 4th video released by a pro-life group exposing Planned Parenthood’s baby parts operation you can hear a medical assistant in their path lab crack the skull of a baby after the abortion. The undercover footage was taken inside Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains where Vice President and Medical Director, Dr. Savita Ginde,…