Episode 65 | Planned Parenthood’s Nazi Connections?!

Episode 65 | Planned Parenthood’s Nazi Connections?!

This week, we discuss the often concealed connections between the Nazis and Margaret Sanger, the organization she founded, and the “birth control” movement. We confront the pro-choice claim that Hitler was pro-life. Also, we reveal details about colleagues of Sanger’s such as Eugen Fischer, Harry Laughlin, & Lothrop Stoddard and why The American Birth Control League would change its name to Planned Parenthood. Finally, we talk about Josef Mengele: the SS doctor at Auschwitz dubbed “the angel of death,” who later became an abortionist.

Victims of Va. eugenics sterilization law to be compensated

Victims of Virginia’s Forced Eugenical Sterilization Act will receive $25,000 from the General Assembly after a three-year battle to include compensation in the Virginia budget. Between 1927 to 1979, Virginia sterilized about 8,000 people deemed unfit to reproduce for reasons such as mental illness, physical deformity or homelessness. The appropriation makes Virginia the second state…

State acknowledges Eugenics, Planned Parenthood silent

North Carolina has apologized for their racist eugenics program while Planned Parenthood remains silent. Today, Life Dynamics Inc., a national pro-life organization located in Denton, Texas applauds the decision by North Carolina lawmakers to allocate $10 million to compensate victims who were forcefully sterilized under the state’s secret eugenics program. [youtube=http://youtu.be/zLnNi_qb7nY] Watch Maafa21 in full…