Episode 47 | States Declare War Against Abortion

Episode 47 | States Declare War Against Abortion

Despite conservatives not having control in the Oval Office and in the Senate, conservatives are not backing down in the fight against abortion. As mentioned in a Huffington Post article, a tidal wave of pro-life bills are being introduced by states. We discuss this and other victories. But as Sarah points out, we must be careful because Republican does not always mean pro-life.

Aborted baby body parts described as “humanitarian undertakings” as House leader calls for investigation

The PR Firm which is sending releases to the media on behalf of Planned Parenthood has described their grisly aborted baby body parts operation as “humanitarian undertakings” while a GOP House leader calls for an investigation. The Weekly Standard was first to pick up the horrific language posting it to their website and writing: “Aborted…

Hillary Clinton defended Partial Birth Abortion

2016 Democrat presidential hopeful, Hillary Rodham Clinton is so extreme on abortion that she once defended the horrific partial birth abortion procedure. In 2003, a law to ban Partial Birth Abortion came before the US Senate, and then Senator Hillary Clinton defended the gruesome late term procedure, opposed by a majority of American people. The…