Episode 129 | Population Control & Eugenics Efforts Disguised as “Aid”

Episode 129 | Population Control & Eugenics Efforts Disguised as “Aid”

This week on the Pro-Life America podcast, we cover the scandal that most Americans have no idea they are footing the bill for. This episode will have your blood boiling as we reveal and provide proof of how eugenics and population control efforts are being thrust on foreign countries under the guise of “aid.”

The Next Four Years

The Next Four Years

Win lose or draw, no election can alter the commitment you and I made to defend the unborn. So take heart. Stay strong. Renew your pro-life resolve and your commitment to carry on the fight against abortion. And there’s no better time to do this than at Christmas.

Senator to Obama on Planned Parenthood’s parts trafficking: These are not mice or lab rats, these are children!

Last week, Oklahoma Senator James Lankford delivered an emotional speech on the floor of the U.S. Senate to President Obama about the recent Planned Parenthood video and their abortion practices to harvest body parts, stating, “These are not mice, these are not lab rats, these are children.” As he described the grisly procedure of crushing…

Obama fails to expose Planned Parenthood in Grammy Speech

A National pro-life leader is criticizing President Obama’s failure to expose Planned Parenthood, the largest organization responsible for the cover-up of men who rape girls during last night’s Grammy Awards. President Obama delivered a video message at the 57th annual Grammy Awards addressing violence against women and girls. The message read in part, “Together we…

Obama to veto bill to defund taxpayer abortion as bill passes house!

On the day pro-lifers commemorate the slaughter of millions of unborn children from legalized abortion on demand, President Obama has vowed to veto legislation that would defund taxpayer abortion. The bill, known as H.R. 7 was sponsored by NJ Representative, Chris Smith. The veto threat came down as pro-lifers assemble in Washington to march in…

Affordable Health Care Act is Abortion Bailout Fund as predicted by pro-life leaders

In the most recent episode of Life Talk TV, host Mark Crutcher tells the panel that in a new GAO report has revealed that there is a 95 to 100% chance that if you have health care under ObamaCare you will pay for abortions. “The Obama administration knew this all along,” Crutcher says on the…