The Next Four Years

Win lose or draw, no election can alter the commitment you and I made to defend the unborn. So take heart. Stay strong. Renew your pro-life resolve and your commitment to carry on the fight against abortion. And there’s no better time to do this than at Christmas.

Written By: Mark Crutcher
President of Life Dynamics

Dear Friend and Fellow Pro-Life Warrior,

Like I have said on our Pro-Life America podcast, this is not the first time godless pro-aborts have been put in charge of our government. I’m sure you remember Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

At the same time, I will point out that, win lose or draw, no election can alter the commitment you and I made to defend the unborn.

At times like this, we need to remember that we do not follow Chicken Little. We follow the Lord Jesus Christ, and over 2,000 years ago He promised that the gates of hell would not prevail against us.

Knowing you to be a staunch pro-life warrior, I believe that your commitment, like mine, is stronger than ever. What you and I understand is that, over the next four years, the unborn are going to need us more than they ever have. And we take our commitment to them seriously!

With that said, what now?

First, keep in mind, it won’t really be Joe Biden in charge. He’s nothing more than a puppet of the radical anti-life Left. Kamala Harris will be running the show and she is a committed Marxist and pro-abortion fanatic. And that puts millions of unborn babies in extreme danger.

You are going to be in danger as well.  I say that because Biden and Harris, plus their fellow pro-abortion extremists in Congress, are going to do everything they can to force you to pay for abortions. In fact, they have openly stated that this is what they intend to do!  But I assure you that Life Dynamics has your back.

For the next four years, the commitment you and I made to the unborn is going to be tested, but we have nothing to fear. We lived through both the Clinton and the Obama regimes and that was sixteen years of non-stop pro-abortion aggression. And not only did we survive those dark times, we prospered. The pro-life movement as a whole, and Life Dynamics in particular, made progress during those years because of the hard work and unwavering commitment shown by you and your fellow Life Dynamics team members.

Your support and partnership, in concert with the grace of Almighty God, made it possible for Life Dynamics to do the kind of life-saving work that no other pro-life organization was capable of doing or willing to do.

Our unique mission was to go inside the belly of the abortion beast and find its dirtiest secrets, bring them into the light of day, and expose their heinous crimes for all to see.

Together we:

We did all that – and more – at a time when a lot of pro-lifers decided to quit the fight because, in their eyes, the cause was hopeless. But you and Life Dynamics didn’t quit. We never stopped working and fighting for the babies then – and the Biden/Harris mob is not going to stop now.

I ask you to think about a lesson from history.

At the beginning of World War II, things looked bleak for England with even some of their friends and allies saying there was no hope for their survival against the Nazi juggernaut. The leader of Canada went so far as to predict that, “In three weeks England will have her neck wrung like a chicken.”

Meanwhile, Hitler was boasting to his generals that conquering England was going to be quick and easy. But British Prime Minister Winston Churchill suggested that the Nazis should not count their chickens before they hatch. He warned them that, “We have not journeyed across the centuries, across the oceans, across the mountains, across the prairies, because we are made of sugar candy.” And he was right! When the war was over, Great Britain was battered, bloodied and bruised … but standing victorious.

Well right now, the pro-life movement needs to send the message that we are not made of sugar candy either! It needs to be clear that no election will ever cause us to turn our backs on the unborn.

That’s why I’m writing to you today. I want to encourage you in your pro-life mission. I want to uplift your spirits. I want to assure you that your work in our Lord’s pro-life vineyard is more important now than it has ever been.

While we may have lost an election, or
perhaps had one stolen from us, so what?

We’ve lost elections before and we’ll lose more of them before this is over. But our commitment to this cause is more powerful than any election.

Of course it helps when we have strong pro-life leaders in charge of the government and these past four years have been great for us. But let’s not forget that, even though we had arguably the strongest pro-life President since the day this battle began, abortion-on-demand was legal through all nine months of pregnancy when Donald Trump took office in 2016 and that’s still the case today.

So, while it’s undoubtedly true that we have a steeper hill to climb now than we would have if Donald Trump had been re-elected, our mission to end abortion is the same today as it was last week, last month, last year – ever since God called us to this fight.

Just remember, He promised us victory,
but He never said it would be easy.

In fact, He said just the opposite. He told us that the world would hate us because it hates Him. He warned us that we would face harsh persecution. He made it clear that His enemies would come after us with a vengeance.

But He also promised us in John 16:33 that even though we will have trouble in this world we are to stay strong. Or as He told the Apostles: “Take heart! I have overcome the world.” And He has.

So no matter who is in the White House, or who’s in control of Congress, or who’s running the fake news media, or what some brainless Hollywood starlet is shouting at us, or who’s running our states and cities, our mission has not changed and it will not change. We were put in this place, at this time, to do only one thing and that’s to stop this killing. And we fight to win because that’s how the killing will stop.

“Keep Calm & Carry On”

So take heart. Stay strong. Renew your pro-life resolve and your commitment to carry on the fight against abortion. And there’s no better time to do this than at Christmas.

This is the time of year when we celebrate that glorious day when God took onto Himself our human nature and came to us as a tiny child. In doing so, He showed the depth of His love for us and won for us eternal life.

We show our love and gratitude for His having done so by remaining committed to our pro-life mission and standing up to all those who preach death. And at the risk of sounding vain or proud, there’s no more effective way for you to do that than to maintain your partnership with Life Dynamics.

"We are not here to just put up a good fight, we are here to win. Because winning is how this killing is going to stop." -Life Dynamics Motto

Until the killing stops, you and I will continue to do things no other pro-life organization is doing. A moment ago I listed several ways in which Life Dynamics helps to expose to our fellow Americans the horrors of abortion and the depravity and gruesome truth about the abortion industry. That is changing hearts and minds – and you made it possible.

It has always been your prayers and your financial support that makes everything we do possible. Never doubt that you are the one who keeps Life Dynamics on the cutting edge of the fight to end this terrible holocaust.

So this Christmas, as you celebrate the birth of Jesus in
Bethlehem, please take a moment to remember the unborn
and everything you and I have achieved to protect them.

Then, renew your commitment to the fight against abortion and rush Life Dynamics a much needed financial gift. Your sacrificial giving will allow us to complete work on projects we’ve already begun and those to come – projects that will open more eyes and win more people to the cause of life.

And in addition to your financial support, please pray for us and ask God to bless our work. Without Him, you and I are wasting our time.

In closing, I want you to understand how much your continued loyalty means to me. The pro-life movement needs both you and Life Dynamics on the front lines and we are truly honored to serve along side you.

So now, everyone here at Life Dynamics wishes you and your family a blessed Christmas. May God fill your lives with His peace and joy, today and throughout the coming year.

-Mark Crutcher

(President of Life Dynamics Incorporated)

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