Episode 93 | Leftist Propaganda Infecting Schools

Episode 93 | Leftist Propaganda Infecting Schools

This week on the Pro-Life America podcast, we discuss the realities of abortion coercion including how wide spread it is, when it becomes violent, the fallout it creates, and the importance of knowing your significant other’s position on abortion. Hear one woman’s heartbreaking story of how she was coerced into having an abortion. Are you experiencing abortion coercion? We have advice about what to do.

State denies troubled abortion clinic license renewal

An abortion clinic in Indiana has been denied license renewal after an inspection revealed numerous health deficiencies at the center. Owner, abortionist Ulrich Klopfer ran several abortion clinics in the state and has recently come under fire for failing to report the abortions of young teenaged girls. In October of 2014, health officials revealed that…

Abortion advocates defend Purvi Patel who threw newborn in trash

Abortion rights advocates are rushing to the defense of Purvi Patel, a woman convicted of feticide after throwing her newborn baby in a trash dumpster. The state of Indiana has sentenced the 33-year-old to 20 years in prison after taking abortion pills to abort the baby who was roughly thirty (30) weeks from conception. Prosecutor…