State denies troubled abortion clinic license renewal

An abortion clinic in Indiana has been denied license renewal after an inspection revealed numerous health deficiencies at the center.

An abortion clinic in Indiana has been denied license renewal after an inspection revealed numerous health deficiencies at the center.

Owner, abortionist Ulrich Klopfer ran several abortion clinics in the state and has recently come under fire for failing to report the abortions of young teenaged girls.

In October of 2014, health officials revealed that Klopfer’s South Bend abortion clinic, Women’s Pavilion, was cited for 27 deficiencies causing the state to move to revoke the facility’s license.

Now, it has been revealed that an additional inspection of the facility in June uncovered even more disturbing issues, prompting the state to refuse to renew the clinic’s license.

The SouthBend Tribune reports more:

The ISDH sent a letter to Klopfer, dated June 26, stating that the application for license renewal was denied after a recommendation from the Abortion Clinic Licensing Program. The letter cited a “history of non-compliance, ongoing non-compliance, untimely and unacceptable plans of correction and pending license revocation.” Specifically, the letter referenced a June 3 inspection in which inspectors found evidence that medical abortions were taking place without requiring a woman requesting the procedure to wait 18 hours before having an abortion, as required by state law.

“The program believes these deficiencies provide further evidence of the clinic’s inability to comply with and follow existing state law and that such behavior is an intentional and willful act,” the letter stated.

The ISDH has previously filed two complaints to revoke the clinic’s license and those are also set to be decided in November.

In May, Klopfer’s Friendship Family Planning abortion clinic in Gary, surrendered their clinic’s license to health officials.

In addition, Klopfer has been forced to stop performing abortions after a change in Indiana law required he provide proof of hospital admitting privileges.

Despite his abysmal history, the state recently agreed to dismiss the failure to report charges against Klopfer as long as there are no new criminal charges filed against him within a year.

An appeal is scheduled to be heard on the South Bend license in November.

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