Remembering Mark Crutcher

Life Dynamics founder & president, Marcus “Mark” Crutcher III (74), passed away on March 9, 2023, in Denton, Texas.


Marcus “Mark” Crutcher III

1948 – 2023

Marcus “Mark” Crutcher III, 74 of Denton, passed away on March 9, 2023, in Denton, Texas.

He was born in Birmingham, Alabama to Marcus and Hatigee Crutcher on March 31, 1948. He is survived by his wife, Tulane Crutcher; his daughter, Sheila Crutcher, both of Denton and his brother, Wayne Crutcher of Emory.

He was preceded in death by his daughter, Jackie Page Crutcher; his mother and father; sister, Janet Lippard and brother, William Crutcher. Mark was an amazing man, husband, father, son and brother.

From the age of 12, Mark rode motorcycles and loved anything with wheels. He could frequently be found in his garage tearing up motorcycles then putting them back together, even better than before.

Mark was in the car business for 20 years, both as a salesman and a manager. Mark left the business world to work full-time as a pro-life activist. In 1992, he founded Life Dynamics in order to fight against abortion. He was a staunch defender of the unborn and was widely considered to be the most innovative thinker and doer in the movement. His fierce passion for fighting for the unborn was only matched by his fierce love for his family.  If anybody needed anything, all they had to do was call; he took great care of his wife; sister-in-law, Louann Schneider; his daughter, and family friend (who is like family) Sarah Waites, as well as all of “his girls” (the ladies who worked with him over the years.)

Mark would give the last dollar he had to someone who needed it and never with an expectation of repayment. Mark believed in prayer but believed you had to “put feet” on your prayers. He had great faith in Jesus, in all walks of life. He loved animals and had rescued many over the years. He and his Yorkie, Scooter, were inseparable and he loved taking his latest dog, Tux, on rides in his Ram truck.

His family is comforted in knowing that he is with Jesus, with his baby Jackie in his arms. His loved ones will always cherish the love and memories that he has given them. Rest in peace, sweet Marcus. We love you.


For those who were unable to attend the funeral, a live stream is valuable to watch on Facebook.


  1. Wayne Campbell says:

    Mark is one of the most innovative, effective, and dedicated heroes in the pro-life movement. I speak in the present because he still lives in heaven. The strategies and tactics he developed would have won this fight years ago if this nation would have implemented them. Even so, he stayed patient and positive, sounding his famous battle cry “we are not here to put up a good fight. We are here to win, because winning is how the killing stops”! Winning this fight will be the best way to honor this great man!

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