PDF: America’s Hidden Sex Scandal Report

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    “America’s Carefully Hidden Sex Scandal” reveals that one of the darkest and best-kept secrets in America is that women aren’t safe when they enter abortion clinics.  In fact, they are “the perfect storm” for sexual predators.

    As this report will prove, it’s unlikely that there’s any other business in the country where a woman is as likely to be raped or sexually assaulted than in an abortion clinic. Together, the abortion lobby, politicians, and the media are trying to silence their screams and cover-up this epidemic – writing these women off as nothing more than collateral damage in their political war to keep abortion legal.

    This is a PDF of our report that is perfect for reading on your favorite devices or even for printing off and distributing. We provide this PDF for free, however, donations are appreciated. (This report can also be read for free here.)


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