PDF: The Racial Targeting Report

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    In 2009, Life Dynamics released Maafa 21. This documentary proved that Planned Parenthood and others within the abortion industry are targeting minorities for abortion, in an effort to reduce these populations in America. Additionally, the approach the abortion industry uses when choosing a location for their clinics has nothing to do with poverty, but rather the percentage of African Americans in the area. We have also seen unmistakable evidence that they are ratcheting up their efforts to deal with the Hispanic population as well.

    This detailed report documents the locations of American abortion clinics and analyzes the demographics of these neighborhoods. The results are staggering…

    This is a PDF of our report that is perfect for reading on your favorite devices or even for printing off and distributing. We provide this PDF for free, however, donations are appreciated. You can also read the Racial Targeting Report online for free here.


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