New on LifeTalk: Abortion “Shoptalk” & Women Betrayed

On this Life Talk, the cast address issues such as women betrayed by the pro-choice feminist movement, adoption portrayed as the solution to abortion, & more!

On the first episode of 2016 on Life Talk, the cast of Life Talk address the latest issues such as women betrayed by the pro-choice feminist movement, adoption portrayed as the solution to abortion, and more!

Many may have seen the recent viral video of the blood curdling speech addressing the problem of disposing fetal remains. This has been a problem for the abortion industry for many years and, as a result, this issue has been covered on LifeTalk many times. This time the co-hosts discuss abortion provider, Renee Chelian’s shop-talk that was caught on tape.

Renee Chelian "I was ready to drive to upper Michigan and Have A Bonfire."

LifeTalk’s Destiny DelaRosa commented:

“When you watch the video…it’s horrifying. The room actually bursts into laughter as she says that. She chuckling as she says ‘in all seriousness’ – and I think she was serious…

It is absolutely history repeating itself when you’re watching a group of extremists try to dispose of human beings… and justify… and so callously joke about it…”

Destiny DelaRosa - #prolife show LifeTalk January 2016

Plus, a trend in recent news articles poses the question, ‘Has the Feminist Movement betrayed women?’

The co-hosts discusses how one woman writes that the pro-choice feminist movement has so much to say about a “woman’s right to abortion” but has no words for the woman who has had a miscarriage. Another feminist, Sara Fernanda Giromin (a.k.a. Sara Winter) of the bare-chested pro-choice group Femen, releases a video declaring she has become pro-life and asks forgiveness for her actions. Giromin has also began to speak out about the “toxic environment” of the movement she spent years in.

"a completely toxic environment filled with gossip, intrigue, humiliation, and persecution." - Sara Fernanda Giromin

Healthy, Happy, and… Irresponsible?

Should health care providers encourage or discourage those with HIV to share their status with those they are involved with?

A pamphlet for young people living with HIV published by Planned Parenthood decries laws that require those with HIV to share their status with those they are sexually involved with. On page six of “Healthy, Happy, and Hot,” it says:

Some countries have laws that say people living with HIV must tell their sexual partner(s) about their status before having sex, even if they use condoms or only engage in sexual activity with a low risk of giving HIV to someone else. These laws violate the rights of people living with HIV by forcing them to disclose or face the possibility of criminal charges.

-Healthy, Happy, Hot

Page 6

Naturally these are strange words from an organization that claims to be experts and/or champions of reproductive health. However, LifeTalk co-host Destiny DelaRosa reminds viewers that their priority is always “the bottom line” and money.

Finally, Life Dynamics president, Mark Crutcher, answers two important and controversial questions…

  • Is adoption the answer to abortion?
  • What is the difference between conception and fertilization?

(How should the pro-life movement answer the question of when life begins?)

When do you think life begins?

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Don’t miss his surprising answers in the new episode of LifeTalk!


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