Mother Charged for Allegedly Decapitating 6-Year-Old Son
Sheila Crutcher

Written By: Sheila Crutcher
Life Dynamics Staff

Image of Police lights and handcuffs. A mother supposedly decapitated her 6-year-old son. abortion.

This grisly headline comes from the Daily Caller, where they reported that a mother, in Kansas City, supposedly decapitated her 6-year-old son and admitted to killing him. Police officers “discovered the severed head of the child near the front door” along with bloody knives and “a screwdriver with blood and tissue on the dining room table.”

After reading this news report, anybody in their right-mind would be shocked and would wonder how a mother could do this to her own child. But those in the pro-life movement could sadly tell you that it happens thousands of times on a daily basis with abortion.

The only difference between this 6-year-old
and the unborn, is age and location.

In both cases, mothers have caused the death of their own child and the children suffered from a gruesome killing. Yet, the abortion lobby and advocates assert that one instance is okay while the other isn’t. This just shows the pure hypocrisy of the “choice” mantra and how they hide behind it, while they direct the public’s face away from what that “choice” really is.

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The abortion lobby has done their very best to take the stigma of abortion away and de-humanize the unborn. Even if they admit that the unborn are living human beings, which sometimes they do, they push that abortion is still okay because the “rights” of the mother are more important than those of the baby.

The pro-life movement must continue to shove the reality of abortion in the public’s face, so that people are outraged over the unborn being killed, just as they are outraged over the killing of the 6-year-old. We must keep doing this, so that one day the unborn will be equals in the public’s eye and that their lives will be protected.

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