Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death left the far-left not just scared, but angry. Could they be feeling “Ginsburned?”

Written By: Sarah Waites
Life Dynamics Staff

Could The Left Be Feeling “Ginsburned?”

Defending Ginsburg

Recently, the New York Times published an article titled, Why Ruth Bader Ginsburg Refused to Step Down, and as mentioned in our Pro-Life America podcast, this article appears to be a thinly veiled attempt to defend Ginsburg and her decision to remain on the Supreme Court until the very end. The byline boldly reads, ”…she didn’t get to the Supreme Court by letting other people tell her what she could do.”

The article rationalizes her decision with references to Louis Brandeis serving until he was 82, Sandra Day O’Connor’s regret over stepping down, wanting to welcome in other women to the Supreme Court, the power she grew to hold in the Supreme Court, and her wish to have the first female president to nominate her successor. It was the hubris of the latter that would be her undoing.

Feeling the “Ginsburn”

In 2016, Donald Trump won the election and gained the power to nominate Supreme Court justices for the next four years. The left was worried about Ginsburg’s health and whether she would last four years. After all, she had already battled cancer and suffered a few health scares. Perhaps that is why shows like the Late Show With Stephen Colbert and Good Morning America featured a look at Ginsburg’s workout routine. Despite all her positive press, rumblings on the left became material for subtle jabs on Saturday Night Live.

Screen shot from one of the SNL skits involving Ginsburg. Kate McKinnon, holds up a calendar with the words “Don’t Die” scribbled on September of 2018.

Dorthy Samuels, a former writer for the New York Times who is writing a book about Ginsburg, stated in the above New York Times article, “I was struck by how many people I spoke with, including friends, acquaintances and former clerks, felt she should have resigned at the time and that her staying on was terribly self-centered — a view I share.” She adds, “I was also struck that normally forceful advocates I spoke with would not express their dismay on the record while she was alive.”

An Empty Seat

Her death left the far-left not just scared, but angry. This would be the third appointment for Trump and they waged an unholy war when Brett Kavanaugh was nominated that stoked the flames of the #Walkaway movement. So the mainstream media quickly attempted to appeal to the Senate and the American people with a “deathbed wish” that she would not be replaced until “a new president is installed.” Democrats insist that her desire not be replaced is not that it would be impossible to confirm anyone as liberal as she was, as she herself suggested during Obama’s presidency, but rather to “protect the integrity of the elections.”

However, it was Ginsburg who said, “The president is elected for four years not three years, so the power he has in year three continues into year four. Maybe members of the Senate will wake up and appreciate that that’s how it should be.”

Once the confirmation of Ginsburg’s successor has occurred, the left’s soft spoken words on her decision to stay will likely become blunt. But with all the tearing down of monuments to controversial American figures, only time will tell how history – and especially the left – will remember Ginsburg. Instead of being monikered the “Notorious RBG,” perhaps she will be known as the “Nefarious RBG.”


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