The first of Life Dynamics’ “FastForward Videos” will leave you stunned…

Referring to the first of the FastForward videos, Mark Crutcher comments, “this particular video exposes a reality that is going to make your blood boil…”

Today, Life Dynamics has released the first of a series of hard-hitting short videos that expose the true nature of America’s abortion industry.

Life Dynamics president, Mark Crutcher, says they are creating the series, FastForward Videos, to show viewers the unique perspective that they get of the abortion issue on a daily basis. He explains that, “the nature of what we do at Life Dynamics gives us a view of the abortion industry that no other pro-life organization in America gets.”

Referring to the first video, he adds, “this particular video exposes a reality that is going to make your blood boil – especially if you are the parents of a young girl.”

It’s not hard to see why.

The video opens to a scene where a young girl sits motionless as a man enters her room. An ominous voice confides to viewers, “Let’s say you’re like me. You know what I mean. You’re in your 40’s and you’re having sex with one of your kids.”

Is a pedophile declaring his support of Planned Parenthood in this "FastForward Videos" by Life Dynamics?
Screenshot from the video.

Although it’s roughly a minute and a half, for viewers time seems to stand still as the dialogue continues.

Crutcher expects that this first video, which illustrates the way young girls are exploited and victimized, will send shockwaves through the abortion industry – and Planned Parenthood in particular. “We fully intend to make it cause turmoil in the abortion industry for a long time.”

Those wishing to watch the video can watch it below or on the videos page of the Life Dynamics website.