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It began with LifeTalk

In 1999, we began producing LifeTalk – the first television talk show dedicated exclusively to the pro-life issue. It was extremely successful for many years, but when the Internet and social media came along our DVD subscriptions began to plummet and we had to accept that LifeTalk had run its course.

To pull the plug on LifeTalk was emotionally devastating for us. We loved producing it and it had served the pro-life movement well for a long time.

But the world has changed and it was time to move on. People today have shorter attention spans and less free time than in the past and, whether we like it or not, the art of communication now revolves around short simplistic messages delivered through electronic media. This is especially important with the younger demographic groups that the pro-life movement so desperately needs to impact.

Posted June 13, 2019 by @life_dynamics_incorporated

So we began to ratchet up our footprint on the Internet, and we are now reaching far more people with social media than we ever did with LifeTalk.

Big Tech Censorship

The problem is, the operators of these social media platforms are, with virtually no exceptions, rabid supporters of legal abortion and that is producing widespread censorship of the pro-life message. There are even some indications that the abortion lobby may be assisting these social media platforms in keeping the pro-life message off the Internet.

The pro-life movement has made too much progress to now toss the fate of the unborn into this corrupt environment. Yes, we need to fight in that system with all the resolve we can, but we must also prepare for the possibility that, one day soon, the pro-life message could be banned from social media. In fact, every day we see more and more evidence that the foundation for this is already being laid.

Image from Life Dynamics: Given that the abortion lobby is not going to lose its domination of the mainstream media, if they also gain control of the internet and social media they will once again be in a position to dictate everything the public hears or doesn't hear regarding the abortion issue.

You can rest assured that Life Dynamics will never cede any ground to the abortion lobby on social media and that we will continue to face them down on any battlefield where we find them. Our reputation has always been that we are aggressive, uncompromising and unapologetic in defense of the unborn and that will not change regardless of the environment we are called to fight in.

But the pro-life movement had better put an alternative in place that these tech giants can’t control. The stakes are too high for us to risk being caught off guard or without options and that is why we are reintroducing our newsletter.

Introducing “The Pro-Life Voice” Newsletter

With new issues released monthly, this free newsletter will feature original articles from the staff at Life Dynamics that you can’t get anywhere else!

Pro-Life Newsletter: The Pro-Life Voice, Issue No. 1
Issue Number One

We are committed to make “The Pro-Life Voice,” the most informative publication in the pro-life movement. Readers are encouraged to share their input regarding the content and style of this newsletter.

Subscribers have the option to receive the newsletter in print via the mail, or a PDF version via email. Fill out the form below to sign up now! Then, share this with all your pro-life friends and encourage them to sign up as well!

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