Evil Is As Evil Does

New allegations about sexual assault from the hands of an abortionist have surfaced.

But what is interesting about these recent allegations is not about who did the assaulting but who reported the assault.

Candice Russell accused infamous abortionist Willie Parker, (who likes to claim that he is a Christian) of sexual assault. What makes the assertion so interesting is that Candice is a “reproductive rights activist” who declared the allegations on the pro-abortion biased website, Medium.

Medium Accuses WIllie Parker
Screenshot of Russell’s article at Medium.com

While the mainstream media, “reproductive rights” activists, and the #MeToo movement might act shocked and in disbelief over these accusations, this is nothing new. Abortionists have been sexually assaulting and raping their clients for years and they have been getting away with it. It isn’t a stretch to believe that those who kill for a living are capable of heinous acts, but it is a bigger problem than many people might believe. Life Dynamics released a project titled, “America’s Carefully Hidden Sex Scandal” which documents how thousands of women have been sexually assaulted and raped behind abortion clinic doors.

To learn more about this issue and to hear one victim’s
testimony, visit LifeDynamics.com/rape

Before the release of the project, Life Dynamics tried to reach out to #MeToo activists and mainstream media outlets to hear their take on the issue, but of course, they were silent.

Now that an abortion advocate has come forward
with her own allegations, will they listen?

These are the same people that state that women should be listened to and believed, yet they have blatantly ignored this issue when it involves the abortion industry. The bottom line is, they want to protect abortion at all costs, and the women who become victims at the hands of these abortionists are just collateral damage.

Do you want the abortion lobby and
abortionists to be held accountable?

Be sure to sign the petition to demand a Congressional investigation on this issue!

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  • […] First off, it is a lie to contend that his shenanigans were ever acceptable.  Tolerated?  Maybe.  Acceptable?  Think again.  Second, nothing is being said about the fact that the #MeToo movement is a complete fraud.  We recently released a fully documented report on the problem of women being raped and sexually assaulted in abortion clinics.  We then sent a copy to the #MeToo people as well as dozens of their most high-profile political supporters.  We even warned them that some of the perpetrators we named are still working at American abortion clinics.  Meanwhile, since our report came out sexual assault allegations have been made against another practicing abortionist. […]

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