Effects of Hormonal Birth Control On Women and the Ecology

The November 2014 panel of Life Talk TV discusses the effects of hormonal birth control on the ecology.

Previous episodes have discussed the discovery of sterilized fish due to birth control chemicals in the water supply. Now, there is a new study showing that contraception in streams is causing some minnows and fish to become extinct.

BC Canada Flathead Minnow

Mark Crutcher, host of Life Talk and president of Life Dynamics, asks if birth control chemicals can sterilize fish – what does it do to the women who take the pills?

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“If this can do this, after it’s gone through a woman’s body, gone through her kidneys, exited the urine, been through the water system, been cleaned up, leaches into the dirt – goes through the dirt, gets into another stream and then causes a species to go extinct – what does it do to the woman who takes it to begin with?” asked Crutcher.

Life Talk is a monthly pro-life TV news show produced at the studios of Life Dynamics in Denton, Texas.

Hosts of Life Talk include, Mark Crutcher and Renee Hobbs, president and vice president of Life Dynamics, Fr. Frank Pavone national director of Priests for Life, Troy Newman director of Operation Rescue, and Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa founder of New Wave Feminists. Appearing in this episode is guest host, Pastor Stephen Broden.

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