Doctors suggested abortion for ‘non-viable fetus’ but he proved them wrong

What a difference a year makes ! The parents of little Jett Morris were advised by doctors to have an abortion, calling him a non-viable fetus but they refused. Jett, now a year old, has proven the doctors wrong. Jett was born prematurely at 25 weeks weighing just 1.4lbs – less than a bag of…

What a difference a year makes !

The parents of little Jett Morris were advised by doctors to have an abortion, calling him a non-viable fetus but they refused. Jett, now a year old, has proven the doctors wrong.


Jett was born prematurely at 25 weeks weighing just 1.4lbs – less than a bag of sugar.

According to the UK Mirror, Jett’s parents say that they were pressured to abort their little boy and were told he was ‘non-viable.’

Parents Mhairi and Paul Morris told the Mirror that Jett would not be here if they had given in to pressure to end the pregnancy.

They claim staff gave them just five minutes to decide to have their child aborted. But they refused and, according to the Mirror, Jett’s mother found herself facing repeated calls from nurses over the next few days to have an abortion.

She remained convinced her unborn baby was healthy and five weeks later he was born.

They didn’t see him as a child yet, they just called him a ‘non-viable foetus‘. It was cold and I was devastated,” Marie told the Mirror.

I understand doctors have to tell you the worst case scenario and be blunt, but no two people on this Earth are exactly the same and doctors didn’t even give Jett a chance”.


A year after his birth, Jett’s mother wrote about her experience on Facebook, recounting how the doctors rolled their eyes at her when she refused their suggestion to have an abortion.

Approximately 8 hours after my waters broke, the doctor told us I would go into labour naturally within 48 hours, my reply was, well lets sit it out, and let nature take it’s course. I will never forget his reaction, he rolled his eyes at us, looked at his watch and walked out. He came back into the room 10 minutes later and said I should go to theatre as I was putting myself in danger of infection, I almost lost my temper, this was our precious baby he was so callous to dismiss, and we told him straight that as long as our son’s heart was beating and I could feel him kick, I would NOT be going to theatre. I can’t tell you how much I would love to meet this doctor again.”

Jetts Born 51000176186772399_n

That Facebook page which details the story of Jett Morris says that he was born 15 weeks early as a result of PPROM (Preterm Premature Rupture of Membranes.)

In November Jett’s parents, Mhairi and Paul write that they had their 20(ish) week scan and, “everything was completely normal, our little bean was growing and was very, very active,” they state.

Jett's first scan at 6 weeks. His parents nick-named him "Little Bean"
Jett’s first scan at 6 weeks. His parents nick-named him “Little Bean”

The sonographer even commented at how he was already a clever little monkey as he waved at just the right moment, it was also then that we found out he was a boy. Daddy and I were delighted, and we felt like we were walking on air,” Jetts’ mother says.

Mhairi says that when her water broke she was 20 weeks and 4 days pregnant. She was rushed to a hospital and told that her baby was, “a non-viable fetus.”

Yes, there were that blunt, this turned our world upside down in the blink of an eye,” Jett’s mother writes.

The prognosis was grim and they advised Mhairi to have a termination or be at risk of infection, “I could still feel my precious boy move and the midwife had found a strong heartbeat so we refused, much to the doctor’s dismay. We felt that if he was still kicking and his heartbeat was strong we had to give him a chance,” she says.

I was told that labor was imminent and I’d deliver within 48 hours. We waited, and waited, 48 hours came and went, and we tried to stay strong. Every day was precious and every minute was a step closer to that all-important 24 weeks.”

Mhairi says that she remained in the hospital 3 days after being admitted before being released to go home, “I was given more antibiotics and told to come back every 2 days for blood tests and to have scans to check the fluid levels around our boy.”

I continued to do this and it was discovered I was I also had a low lying placenta (placenta praevia), this caused great concern as it may prevent the baby being delivered naturally, but they were hopeful the placenta would move as it usually does during pregnancy.”

At 22 weeks 6 days Mhairi had a massive blood loss, she was rushed to the hospital and told to prepare for the worst. But, she reported, the bleeding subsided and she was moved to a level 3 NICU hospital miles from home.

She finally passed the all-important 24 weeks, “we were still holding out for a miracle, and we really believed our boy could prove all the doctors wrong,” she says.

Mhairi was told her baby’s chances were still grim but she remained hopeful,”just an hour before he was born he was given a 5-10% chance of survival. Our hearts were breaking,” she states.

Jett-Morris Twitter Pic

Jett-Morris almost aborted

Then, Jett’s mother writes about the day he was born, calling it the happiest day of their lives, “At 11.20pm on Friday 6th December 2013, our beautiful boy entered the world, as he was placed on the resuscitator (a machine that has a heated plate to keep babies warm) he let out the quietest little cry, at this moment I knew his lungs had inflated, maybe only a tiny amount but that cry meant he had taken a breath, the happiest moment of our lives.”

Jetts mom watches over him

Mhairi, told the Mirror that she is concerned other mothers in her situation will be pressured to abort their children, “We have a happy outcome but I worry that other mothers could have had an abortion when their babies might have survived.

I was given such a bleak outlook that I kept thinking ‘he’s not supposed to be healthy’ and was waiting for something to happen, but it never did.”

Jett's dad places his hand on his son at 10 days old.
Jett’s dad places his hand on his son at 10 days old.

Recently, Jett’s parents proved the doctor’s wrong as they celebrated his first birthday!

Jett-Morris at one

Jett’s mother says she hopes his story will encourage other women, I hope that Jett’s Journey can give hope and strength to parents that might be in a similar position that I was in this time last year. The doctors gave us no hope whatsoever, but we found the courage to stand our ground and give our baby a chance.


  1. Johanna Roberts says:

    Jett is a handsome adorable baby. A miracle thanks to you not being pressured to abort. Praise Be!

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