Destroy the abortion industry with these powerful pro-life tools

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Mark Crutcher, president of Life Dynamics, Inc., a national pro-life organization located in Denton, Texas, details the way their products are helping to destroy the abortion industry.

In this episode of Life Talk which is produced at the studios of Life Dynamics, Inc., the panel discusses some of these powerful tools.


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Life Dynamics, Inc. has worked with Operation Rescue to interview the former employees of late term abortionist Douglas Karpen in Houston Texas. What these abortion workers revealed will shock you. A portion of that interview is captured in the abortion video below :

Order the DVD here.


Life Dynamics, Inc. has also produced pro-life tools to use in front of the abortion clinics which will warn abortion employees that they could go to prison.

The packet, which you can order at the Life Dynamics website, contains 5 posters, 100 employee business cards, 200 injured patient business cards, and an instruction sheet.


Order the Clinic Worker products here.


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Life Dynamics, Inc. has recently updated their website This website will educate the public that legalized abortion is NOT safe.

The site contains actual photographs of a woman killed from so-called safe and legal abortion.

These images are a powerful tool to warn others about the risk of submitting to an abortion. Mark Crutcher explains how this powerful tool will help destroy the abortion industry in the video below:

Visit the Safe and Legal website here


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Life Dynamics, Inc. is well known for their undercover work into Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry. In 2002, Life Dynamics exposed the pedophile protection racket of the abortion industry through their child predator project. Life Dynamics called over 800 National Abortion Federation centers and Planned Parenthood clinics across the country. The caller posed as a 13 year-old child impregnated by a 22 year-old adult man. What these clinics told the caller, an alleged victim of child sexual abuse, was astonishing and must be exposed!

In July of 2014, Life Dynamics unveiled the second part of their Child Predator investigator by publishing actual criminal cases of abortion and Planned Parenthood centers covering for child rape. Read that report here.

Go to the website here


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Life Dynamics, Inc. continues to expose the racist agenda of abortion. In their documentary: Maafa21 Black Genocide in 21st Century America, Life Dynamics documents the root of abortion and exposes the eugenics founding of Planned Parenthood. This powerful film is bringing a new demographic of African Americans into the pro-life movement. What you will see in Maafa21 is not going to be reported in the news. This hidden racial agenda will be revealed right before your eyes.

Watch Maafa21 online here

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Life Dynamics, Inc is also the creator of the provocative website This edgy website reveals that today, abortion is the #1 killer of the African American Community, killing more blacks each year than the Klan lynched in 150 years.

In their latest project, Life Dynamics Inc., has released the shocking video, Millions Dead, which compares the numbers of unborn babies murdered inside American abortion clinics to soldiers killed from American wars.

Explore more projects produced by Life Dynamics here: !

Life Dynamics Motto Here to put up a good fight

Life Dynamics’ motto is, “We are not here to put up a good fight, we are here to win; because winning is how this killing stops.”
Help us destroy the abortion industry

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