The Abortion Mecca

Written By: Sarah Waites
Life Dynamics Staff

Don’t be fooled by the abortion lobby’s faux shock; June 24th was a day they had been long expecting – and they had a plan.

For the past few years, they have been advocating and pushing legislation enshrining abortion in individual state constitutions in the hope of creating abortion havens in a post-Roe America. To anyone who thinks this sounds like the rantings of a tin-foil hat wearer, look at California.

California has always been known for its liberal abortion laws.

For example, California has become the first state requiring public colleges to offer medication abortions at student health clinics. Come November, Californians will be voting on whether to enshrine the “right to abortion and contraceptives” in the state’s Constitution. And this is just the beginning. There are 15 new bills that are currently moving through the legislature, based on 45 policy recommendations from the recently formed California Future of Abortion Council, comprised of notorious abortion industry power players such as Planned Parenthood and NARAL.

A few of the upcoming bills are designed with the goal of growing the waning abortion industry.

SB 1375 would allow nurse practitioners to do first- trimester abortions without a doctor’s supervision. AB 2626 opens California’s doors to doctors who have been punished in another state for performing an abortion or “an offense related solely to the performance of an abortion.”

Their flagship bill is AB 1918, which would create the California Reproductive Health Service Corps that would be responsible for recruiting and training abortionists. It would also oversee scholarships and loan repayment for those who attend a “reproductive health professional school” and agree to serve three years as a California abortionist.

"In Obstetrics and gynecology, the term abortionist is still a dirty word." - Retired Abortionist Joe Thompson

In addition, the state’s budget has allocated about $200 million to “reproductive health” and $20 million for “scholarships and loan repayments to health care providers that commit to providing reproductive health care services.” At the same time, millions more will go directly to abortion clinics. It’s nothing more than an abortion industry stimulus package, and nobody is happier about it than Planned Parenthood. According to Vice News, the abortion giant is planning to build clinics near airports and along state lines.

For a state that has more debt than any other, the amount they are planning to invest in the abortion industry is staggering. Especially since state financial officials have stated that California could be collecting $5 billion less in taxes than expected.

Despite that, California seems intent on becoming the country’s ultimate abortion destination.

The best evidence for this is AB 1242 and the recently passed AB 1666. AB 1242 would bar law enforcement agencies in California from “cooperating with or providing information to an individual or agency from another state” about any abortions occurring in California. Signed just after Roe vs Wade collapsed, AB 1666 nullifies civil judgements from other states against people who, not only seek abortions, but perform them.

And California isn’t alone. In June, the governors of Washington, Oregon, and California announced “a joint commitment to protect and expand reproductive rights along the west coast.” It won’t be long before other blue states with massive debt consider taking a gamble on “abortion tourism.”

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