ARREST: Pro-choice man assaults pro-life volunteer showing abortion images

A pro-choice man has been arrested after assaulting a pro-life volunteer who was with a group showing graphic abortion victim images to students.

Yesterday, Life Dynamics reported that the pro-life group, Created Equal, was on the campus of Ohio State University where they showed an abortion in progress on a JumboTron.

Created Equal OSU Abortion

Created Equal is used to having opposition to showing the truth to abortion and yesterday was no exception.

The day unfolded normally with a lot of debate and even included a pro-choice man who sang kill your unborn.”

The pro-life group says that at one point, a pro-choice man assaulted one of their volunteers when he attempted to turn off the video to keep the images from playing.

Prochoicer OSU arrested

The assault was documented on video and shown to police.

“I wanted to not see those images” the a 23 year pro-choice advocate told police.

Prochoicer OSU arrested 2

After he realized that police were going to arrest him, the pro-choice man started to flee.

Most of the protesters were respectful and civil in their disagreement with our exhibit. As is often the case in these situations this individual was not a student and seemed to be intent on only causing trouble,” Created Equal’s Mark Harrington said.

Prochoicer OSU arrested handcuffed

“After assessing that he did not damage our equipment or cause any lasting physical injury to our volunteer, we decided not to press charges against him. However, he refused to cooperate with police when they questioned him which led to his arrest for other charges,” Harrington said.

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