Another Victory for Historic Selma, Alabama

In a long awaited victory for historic Selma, Samuel Lett’s illegal abortion clinic, The Central Alabama Women’s Clinic, has closed.

On March 7, 1965, Selma, Alabama had the attention of the entire country.

It was on that day in Selma that 600 nonviolent civil rights marchers attempted to march to Montgomery before being stopped on the Edmund Pettus Bridge where they were shot with teargas and beaten with billy clubs by state troopers and local police. The actions of the police led to over fifty people being hospitalized and would be later remembered in history as “Bloody Sunday.”

It was over this very same bridge in Selma, that over 300 people marched earlier this year-  calling for the laws that regulate abortion and abortion clinics in the state to be enforced.

What a morning. Marching across the famous Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma with my friends Catherine Davis, Alveda King and Star Parker. We went to Selma to say ‪#‎blackwomenmatter‬. To call on state officials across the country to enforce the laws against illegal abortion clinics.”

-Charmaine Yoest 

CEO of Americans United for Life

(via Facebook)

#BlackWomenMatter Selma Alabama Alveda King Catherine Davis Restoration Project National Black Coalition

In an interview on Life Talk, Catherine Davis of the Restoration Project stated that the authorities had “turned a blind eye” to an illegal abortionist in Selma, and that the reason could have been racial.

Why aren’t they enforcing these laws?” Davis said she asked herself. “And the only common denominator I could see is that the majority of women going into those abortion clinics are black or brown,” she said.

Leaders of The Selma Project had evidence that the Central Alabama Women’s Clinic, which is operated by Dr. Samuel Lett, performed more than nine abortions each month.

This means that the state should legally require his clinic to come under state licensure as an abortion clinic. However, initial attempts by the Alabama Department of Public Health to investigate the matter “failed to find evidence of wrongdoing.”

Read more about the march here.

Now, in a long awaited victory for Selma, The Central Alabama Women’s Clinic, has closed.

The women of Selma and Alabama have won a victory with the closing of the illegal abortion operation of Samuel Lett. We do not know how many women lost their fertility, or even lives, at his hands. We are rejoicing, however, that our actions have resulted in the closure of this center.”

-Catherine Davis

Founding member of the National Black Pro-Life Coalition & President of The Restoration Project

Although the clinic has closed and Lett is no longer performing abortions, it is still unclear whether legal action will be taken.

Many pro-lifers are calling for charges to be brought for his illegal operation.

“Lett’s illegal operation may have come to an end, however, state officials still must hold him accountable for his numerous violations. Quietly ceasing to perform abortions does not dismiss Lett’s illegal conduct, nor should it.”

-Allison Aranda

Life Legal Defense Foundation

Read more about the closing of Lett’s clinic here.

And be sure to watch our interview with Catherine Davis!

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