Abortion Advocates Deny The Face Of Truth
George Orwell’s observation that some things are so stupid only an intellectual could believe them, has proven to be frighteningly accurate- especially with the abortion crowd.

While pro-lifers face the grim reality of what abortion really is, abortion advocates like to turn their heads. They do everything they can to look the other way and try to justify why abortion is okay.

Abortion Advocates Can't Hear The Truth

From the very beginning of this battle, the abortion lobby and advocates try to back-up abortion with stale arguments and ever-evolving ways in which they phrase them. But science and technology is on the pro-life side, helping to show the humanity of the pre-born. Just as Mark Crutcher, President of Life Dynamics has pointed out before, pro-lifers have to be intellectual, to have an understanding in biology, philosophy, law, history etc.; while abortion advocates just have to repeat the same nonsensical phrases that organizations like Planned Parenthood have told them to say.

When abortion advocates are forced to face the truth of abortion, they either deny it with lies and scurry to justify it, or they become angry like a rabid dog that is backed into a corner.  Just this week we have seen major occurrences of this, which the hosts of “Life Talk” discussed on the June 4th episode.

One example, which comes from across the pond in Ireland, involved the use of graphic abortion images.

An abortion advocate recounted her encounter with pro-lifers who were holding up pictures of aborted babies. She posted a video to Twitter showing her shouting at the pro-lifers and stating that what they were doing shouldn’t be allowed.

She had previously had an abortion and instead of repenting and healing, she tried to back up the abortion position in anger. There were some who came to her defense, stating that pro-lifers have to use “shock tactics” because they don’t have a good argument. Of course, the only ones who have legitimate arguments are pro-lifers, we stand on the moral position- we stand up for life.

There is never any justifiable excuse for believing that the murdering of innocent babies is okay.

To see more powerful examples, be sure to check out this episode of “Life Talk”!

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