Under Attack
Sheila Crutcher

Written By: Sheila Crutcher
Life Dynamics Staff

What we’re seeing happening right now in Ukraine is astonishing.

Not only from a standpoint of evil but also from a standpoint of the human spirit.

There is currently a dichotomy that is taking place, a classic good versus evil. Movie scripts and stories are often made of these scenarios – an evil villain who wants nothing but power and control and innocent civilians who are caught in the crosshairs.

While the world watches in horror, feeling helpless as innocent civilians are fighting not only for their country but their very lives, there is a group of people who have been attacked and slaughtered for years.

The group of people are the unborn…

While the world continues turning and people go about their lives, the unborn are living and developing in the shadow of their mothers’ wombs. They are waiting for their fate – to either live or die.

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The abortion lobby has wanted the unborn to remain in the shadows, to keep people from thinking about them and when they do think about them, think of them as blobs of cells or parasites.

But with the Russia attack against Ukraine, rising gas prices and day-to-day life getting harder for the average citizen across the world, why should we fight for the unborn?

Because they matter!

So, everyone should take the commandment of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” to heart. No matter what is happening in the world or our personal lives, we still have an obligation to stand up for our unborn neighbors… Let us remember, life and freedom begin in the womb and we will not let those who live there be forgotten!

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