The Abortion Industry’s Full-Faced Helmet is Their Survival
Sheila Crutcher

Written By: Sheila Crutcher
Life Dynamics Staff

“Our secrecy is our survival.
Our survival is our strength.”

Shot from season one of Lucasfilm's The Mandalorian. 
© 2018 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. 
No copyright infringement intended.
Shot from season one of Lucasfilm’s, The Mandalorian. © 2018 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. No copyright infringement intended.

“Our secrecy is our survival. Our survival is our strength.”  This quote perfectly describes the abortion industry. The abortion lobby and their minions push a particular public image that they don’t want people seeing past. They wave the words “choice” and “reproductive rights” around to keep people from focusing on the real issue at hand – abortion and the slaughtering of innocent and defenseless children.

The above quote didn’t come from an abortionist, philosopher or politician; it came from the newest Star Wars series, “The Mandalorian.” It is ironic how pro-abortion Hollywood has created a storyline and universe that parallels the fight over abortion.

This quote comes from an armorer who belongs to the mysterious clan of Mandalorians. In the Star Wars universe, the Mandalorians are a feared society of warriors that have been decimated and scattered across the galaxy by wars. They are a rare group of people that are mostly known by others through legend. Just like the abortion industry, their reputation is of utmost importance. Most characters in Star Wars don’t know and have never met a Mandalorian; while, most Americans probably don’t know an abortionist.

The media, politicians and the abortion lobby have made it their mission to tell the public what to think of abortion and the abortion industry. They exclaim to the public that the issue of abortion is about women’s healthcare and that it’s a perfectly legitimate medical procedure. Also, abortionists are heralded as champions of women, who risk their lives against violent pro-lifers, in order to provide fundamental rights. Now, they even go so far as to tell the public that abortions are safer than childbirth! Just like the Mandalorians, it is vital to the abortion industry that they remain shrouded in secrecy. They want their actions to remain hidden behind closed doors. They try to put on a full-faced helmet in order to manipulate how the world views them so they can continue on.

Despite the abortion industry’s best efforts,
there is a stigma surrounding abortion.

The abortion issue is like a chicken bone that's stuck in the throats of the American people... they can't ignore it, they can't pull it out, and they can't swallow it. - Life Dynamics
Posted April 16, 2020 by @life_dynamics_incorporated

Abortion is a hot-button topic that sticks out and makes people feel uncomfortable. Deep down, many people know what abortion really is, so they try to ignore it altogether. The pro-life movement and Life Dynamics have done a good job of making sure that stigma stays attached to abortion. Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry have tried their best to make abortion appear normal, but even abortion advocates and groups admit that there is still a dark cloud hanging over it.

Recently, a pro-abortion group posted an image on Facebook talking about stigma and abortion. They admitted how big of a problem stigma is and even went so far as saying, “taboos surrounding abortions are one of the main reasons why many people around the world don’t have access to safe and legal abortion care.” One of the fallacies in their statement though, was the fact that they made the “stigma” out to be the bad guy, instead of the very act of abortion.

The image posted by a pro-abortion group on Facebook.
The image posted by a pro-abortion group on Facebook.

In their world, stigma and taboos are the false by-products that come from the evil villains – the pro-lifers. Meanwhile, they see themselves as the innocent and oppressed protagonist trying to fight off the stigma in order to provide “abortion care.” While the truth is, they are the oppressors, the ones who are trampling on the right-to-life by killing thousands of innocent babies on a daily basis. In their made-up universe, they act like the pro-lifers are the ones that are causing people to be harmed both physically and psychologically. They will never admit that abortion is what is causing the harm and that the stigma is there because abortion IS what is wrong!

The image also accuses abortion stigma as aiding in “unwanted pregnancies,” as fueling discrimination against women and leading to criminalization and then unsafe “clandestine abortions.” So, abortion advocates and the abortion industry try to bully pro-lifers into giving up and giving in to abortion, by making it seem like we are the ones that are causing the harm. Also, abortion advocates fault stigma with infringing on: “bodily and psychological integrity”, the “right to autonomy” and the “right to life free from harm.” Isn’t it ironic how they claim that abortion stigma causes all of these things to happen to women, yet they are they ones that are doing this to the defenseless babies who have no choice?

It’s time to turn the table!

Since the beginning of the battle over abortion, abortion advocates and the industry have tried to switch things around and accuse pro-lifers of doing things that they actually do. While the pro-life movement has done a good job of keeping the stigma attached to abortion, we need to step it up a notch. We cannot let abortion become normalized and we must stand our ground. It is time for us to go on the offense. Instead of just going on the defense when the abortion industry accuses us of something, we must be the ones who are calling the shots. Let us reveal to the world the truth.

The unborns’ very survival rests on the shroud of secrecy being torn down, because that is the abortion industry’s greatest strength.

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