Episode 49 | Is There REALLY A War On Women, Or Is It A War On Men?

Episode 49 | Is There REALLY A War On Women, Or Is It A War On Men?

It seems like everyday, there is more talk about toxic masculinity, more examples of male bashing, and how “cis men” are the problem. We discuss this troubling trend in our culture and how a number of serious problems that males are facing are being completely ignored. This controversial episode leaves you asking, does modern feminism have the solution, or is it part of the problem?

Is the Pro-Life Movement Vulnerable To Internal Sabotage?

PRO-LIFE STORM CLOUDS Forewarned is Forearmed BY: Mark Crutcher Troy Newman President, Life Dynamics Incorporated President, Operation Rescue One of history’s most consistent lessons is that nations can defeat enemy after enemy on the battlefield, and then collapse from the inside due to forces they didn’t even know existed. It is also a reality that…

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For years, the pro-choice mantra has been that they believe in a person’s right to choose. But, news and research shows that the national abortion rate is dropping, abortion clinics are closing in record numbers, younger people are polling more and more pro-life, and more people are wanting nothing to do with abortion businesses. In…