Episode 104 |  Media Stays Silent on Groundbreaking Texas Case

Episode 104 | Media Stays Silent on Groundbreaking Texas Case

The mainstream media remains curiously silent as a man in Texas receives a capital murder sentence in the death of a 5 week old unborn baby. This week on the podcast, the hosts discuss this ground-breaking case and what it could mean for the fight against abortion. Plus, violence escalates as the nation waits for the important Supreme Court decision.

Murder trial in death of pregnant teen that refused abortion of unborn twins begins

Trial began this week in the stabbing death of a pregnant teen whose boyfriend allegedly killed her when she refused to have an abortion. 17-year-old Ryan Matthews is on trial for the murder of his 16-year-old pregnant girlfriend, Arrjiana Hill. The girl’s younger brother found her murdered in her Texas home March of 2014. According…

Multiple persons charge for killing pregnant girlfriend / unborn baby

A Texas man has been charged with capital murder multiple persons after he allegedly murdered his pregnant girlfriend and their unborn child after she refused to have an abortion. 19 year-old Courtney Hyriease Velasques, was arrested after confessing to relatives that he drowned, then burned the body of 18-year-old Dawanna Thomas, his pregnant girlfriend. According…