Mark Crutcher Warns The Pro-Life Movement About Vicious Internal Conflict…

Life Dynamics has released a video revealing a new internal conflict in the pro-life movement that could easily become the most destructive one in years.


“This conflict in the pro-life movement is becoming more vicious by the day.”

Today, Life Dynamics Inc., a national pro-life organization, has released a video revealing a new internal conflict in the pro-life movement that could quickly become more destructive than any of those that have come before. Life Dynamics president, Mark Crutcher, says: “This assault on pro-lifers by other pro-lifers has to stop and it has to stop now.”

Mark Crutcher - Quicksand for the Pro-Life Movement
In the video, The Real Story: The Pro-Life Movement’s New Vicious Internal Conflict, Crutcher says, “this assault on pro-lifers by other pro-lifers has to stop and it has to stop now.”

Crutcher points out that this new conflict, which involves the current presidential campaign, is understandable – but could permanently damage the pro-life movement.

“If we allow this tension to continue, it will build until it takes on a life of its own. And that would set the pro-life movement back decades.”

He adds that all of us can control how much carnage this situation will do by the time it’s finished. Therefore, every one of us personally should address what’s going on. If anyone should doubt this claim, Mark asks one crucial question…

The question is: are we mature enough to disagree with our brothers and sisters without making them our enemies? Or is our need to be right, more important to us than the lives we are trying to save?

The undeniable truth is that after this election, the pro-life movement’s work will still be here. If we allow ourselves to become divided, then the babies lose no matter who’s elected.

 Watch the Video:


This video is part of a video series by Life Dynamics called The Real Story. To see more of these videos, click here.

Those wanting an interview should call Sheila Crutcher at (940) 380-8800.


  1. This commentator is saying a mouthful!

    Even though the election has long passed and–for better or for worse–Trump IS the President, pro-lifers are STILL tearing each other apart on OTHER issues on numerous pro-life blogs.

    It is 100% possible to see the goal of changing our health care system so that everyone can have access to life-sustaining, affordable medical care as a PRO-LIFE goal.

    It is also consistent with saving unborn lives to be for paid maternity leave, more mandated job protections for pregnant workers, more subsidized daycare, guaranteed livable wages, and expanded government aid to those with low incomes.

    It is possible to be non-religious, yet strongly pro-life.

    It is also possible to be strongly pro-contraception, but totally AGAINST KILLING once a new life comes into being.

    Just so one does not go away thinking that I am praising progressives too much, it is also not appropriate to claim that it is only “conservative policies” that can contribute to high abortion rates.

    “Liberals” also have their issues.
    One is the fact that many really don’t see coerced abortions as horrifically as they should.

    A related one is the one-sided, false, and non-stop trashing that many of them do against CPC’s, while totally ignoring the life-saving aid that they give to women who consider abortion only out of financial concerns and pressure from others.

    All humans are unique.
    That’s why so many of us are pro-life.
    That is also why pro-lifers can and do help in the struggles to save unborn lives in different ways, and from different perspectives.

    Infighting and accusing others of being “pro-abortion agents” because of our non-abortionreligious/political views does nothing but help the pro-abortion forces!

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