Pro-life display stolen by abortion advocates on campus

A pro-life display has been stolen by ever-so-tolerant abortion advocates on the campus of Baylor University, the third act against the Baylor pro-life group in last decade.

Baylor Bears for Life, a pro-life student organization, was approved to set up a display of flags and signs to remember the babies killed from abortion on January 22 and 23.

200 small flags were placed at dusk on Wednesday, January 21, the signs cost the group over $500, as they planned to reuse the signs every year.

Bears for Life Flags

The 14 “yard signs” invited students to pray as they passed each sign on their way to and from classes. Two of the signs read:

    • Pray for Survivors of Abortion: children who survived an abortion, mothers, fathers, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, and friends.
    • Pray for Adoption: 1,000,000 families in US waiting to adopt; for birth parents who choose adoption to have peace and hope; for the blessing of open adoption.

Other signs invited people to pray for pregnancy care and abortion recovery, awareness, and how to become involved in ending abortion.

All went well with the campus display on Roe Day, January 22.

However sometime during the darkness before Friday, January 23, all the signs and half the pink and blue flags were stolen.

Emily Gilcrease, president of the Bears for Life student organization, responded with to the theft, “Despite the disappointment that we feel after having our signs stolen, this action only further encourages us to continue fighting for what we know to be the only life-giving choice for a woman in a crisis pregnancy. Opposition is validation and motivation for what we do…Our generation will see an end to abortion.”

The annual tradition of having a pink and blue flag display during Roe Week has been met with criminal acts at Baylor in the past.

In 2006, all the signs were stolen. The thieves left this note behind, “Abortion saves 7,000 adult lives daily.”

Bears for Life Vandals

Then again in 2009 the sign display was attacked with the debasement of individual flags. Condoms were glued to flags, and again a note was left behind after the crime.

Bears for LIfe Condom

The current theft is being investigated by the Baylor Police Department, and Bears for Life awaits a response from Baylor Student Activities on steps to allow the pro-life message to be proclaimed on the campus.

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