New on LifeTalk: Pro Abortion Extremism

Why the prolife movement needs to be more aware and confront pro abortion extremism…

Are Americans loosing the freedom of conscience?

Several cases are being appealed to the Supreme Court that might have many citizens asking the very question.

For Example: Should a nun be forced to pay for an insurance plan that covers birth control and/or abortion?

For most of us, the answer to that question should be obvious. Why should the church be forced to pay for something it has no use for and has strong moral objectives to?

However the legal system has been slow and resistant to answer such an obvious question.

Mark and the co-hosts discuss how the Little Sisters of the Poor is appealing to the Supreme Court, yet again, to protect them from $70 million dollars in government fines for refusing to violate their faith.

But, the Little Sisters of the Poor aren’t the only ones appealing to the Supreme Court. A family-owned pharmacy named Ralph’s, and two pharmacists is appealing to the U.S. Supreme Court over a controversial Washington State law that would force them to sell abortion-inducing drugs and prohibit them from making referrals to another pharmacy for reasons of conscience.

Source: Screenshot from the video: Kindred Spirits by Alliance Defending Freedom. The Woman Pictured (Left) is Pharmacist Margo Thelen who was fired due to the new law.

Here’s the irony…

The new law allows them to refer patients to other pharmacies for the drug for a variety of other reasons (such as: business, economic, and convenience) but not because you object to the drug itself.

Life Talk co-host Mark Crutcher points out that there is a reason for this:

“It not so much that they (pro-choice people) want you to do certain things, they want you to do it for the “right” reasons. They want you to do it for the reasons they want you to.”

-Mark Crutcher

Life Talk Co-Host

President of Life Dynamics

Crocodile Tears and An Open Seat

Obama’s tear-filled final State of the Union address was widely talked about online. Contrary to his hopes though, many were criticizing his statements that we must “protect the weak and vulnerable,” while he has been an active supporter of abortion and Planned Parenthood throughout his Presidency. In an open letter to Obama, Alveda King of Priests For Life reminds him that, “death by forceps or bullets is death all the same.” Pro-life politician, Steve King, captured media attention for his response to the President’s State of the Union Message…

steve king, abortion, pro-life, 2016 State of the Union Address, pro abortion extremism

When Life Talk host Renee Hobbs points out that “a politician who supports abortion isn’t morally qualified for any political office,” Mark goes one step further and poses and interesting question…

Does it matter what a president’s spouse’s position on abortion is?

Mark Crutcher, Life Talk, pro-life show, Pro Abortion Extremism

Mark’s answer might just surprise you. Watch as he points out what history has proven to be true about the influence of a president’s spouse.

Finally, Mark explains why the pro-life movement needs to force the pro-choice movement to defend the extremes of the abortion argument.

This episode of Life Talk confronts Pro Abortion Extremism in America!

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