Life Talk Pro-life News on abortion for June 2015

Pro-life news and talk on abortion and Planned Parenthood for June 2015 from Life Talk TV. A new study conducted by Dr. Karen Mulligan at Middle Tennessee State University has found that since the morning-after pill, or Plan B, became legally available over the counter without a prescription, the rate of sexually transmitted diseases has…

Pro-life news and talk on abortion and Planned Parenthood for June 2015 from Life Talk TV.

Life Talk TV June 2015

A new study conducted by Dr. Karen Mulligan at Middle Tennessee State University has found that since the morning-after pill, or Plan B, became legally available over the counter without a prescription, the rate of sexually transmitted diseases has increased 12 percent for women aged 15-44 and 9 percent for all teenagers. The data also showed that unrestricted access to the drug has reduced the likelihood that individuals will remain abstinent and that, among those who are sexually active, they use condoms less often and have a higher number of sexual encounters. And contrary to what promoters of over-the-counter sales promised, there has been no measurable effect on abortion rates.

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin has signed legislation making her state the fourth to have a 72-hour waiting period for abortion, triple the 24 hour wait time previously required. House Bill 1409, which passed by an overwhelming majority, also requires abortion clinics to add a link on their websites to a state site which contains a photo of an unborn child along with information about pregnancy, childbirth, adoption and pregnancy helplines.

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In Missouri, a Satanic Temple is suing the state over their 72-hour abortion waiting period. Devil worshipers in the St. Louis-based organization are contending that abortion is a religious ceremony and that abortion restrictions place an undue burden on their ability to practice their religion. The suit was filed after a woman identified as “Mary Doe” claimed the law was a hardship for her. The Satanic Temple had originally set up a Go-Fund-Me page to pay for the woman’s abortion, but the page has since been removed.

In Ohio, the number of abortion providers has shrunk by half in the past several years, after a series of pro-life laws were passed. A review of abortion stats for the state conducted by the Associated Press revealed that the number of abortions is also is declining. The data shows that since 2011, 7 of Ohio’s 16 abortion providers have either closed or curtailed abortion services, while an eighth, in Toledo, is operating under the cloud of pending litigation. The stats also saw elective abortions fall to the lowest level recorded since the state began tracking the data in 1976. The plunge places Ohio second in closures nationally behind only Texas where more than half the states abortion clinics have closed in just the last couple of years.

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In New Hampshire, attorneys for New Hampshire Right to Life have filed a petition asking the Supreme Court to consider whether the Department of Health and Human Services can legally withhold information about a grant it awarded to Planned Parenthood of New England. The lawsuit alleges that, in 2011, after the state refused to award funds to Planned Parenthood because of concerns that the money would be illegally used to subsidize abortion, HHS then granted Planned Parenthood a controversial sole source non-competitive replacement grant but has continued to refuse to provide details about the arrangement to the public. New Hampshire Right to Life is being represented in the case by attorneys for Alliance Defending Freedom.

Alliance Defending Freedom also scored a victory in Rhode Island when the state decided to add plans to its state healthcare exchange that do not force members to pay for abortions. In response, the group dropped a lawsuit it had brought against the state in an effort to protect the right of citizens not to be forced to pay for abortions against their conscience. This leaves Vermont, Hawaii and New Jersey as the only states with ObamaCare exchanges that require all enrollees to pay a surcharge to fund the abortions of other enrollees.

The radically pro-abortion Governor of Montana has vetoed a bill that would have banned telemed abortions in the state. Governor Steve Bullock also used a timing maneuver to effectively eliminate the possibility that his veto could be overridden by the legislature. Telemed abortions allow the abortion drug, RU486, to be given to women over a Skype computer connection without having to meet with the proscribing physician in person.

In Washington, D.C., the city council has unanimously passed a law that would prohibit religious and pro-life organizations from discriminating against employees who obtain abortions. The U.S. House then approved a measure mostly along party lines, condemning the law and, Senators Ted Cruz of Texas and James Lankford of Oklahoma introduced joint resolutions that would essentially void the measure. The Senate is expected to vote on the resolution at any time but Barak Obama has assured the abortion lobby that he will veto the bill even if it passes.

In new guidelines issued by the Department of Health and Human Services, the Obama administration is forcing insurance companies to cover a wide range of contraceptives. Under the rules, insurers must offer at no cost all of the 18 forms of contraception listed in the Affordable Care Act. Included among them are the morning-after pill, Plan B and other drugs known to act as chemical abortions.

A California jury has found a 53-year-old pro-choice man guilty in the murder of his 4-year-old daughter. Prosecutors say that Cameron John Brown hurled the little girl off a 120-foot cliff in order to get revenge against his ex-girlfriend who had refused his demand to have an abortion while she was still pregnant with the child. They say his motive for wanting the girl dead was to avoid paying child support. According to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, Brown is expected to be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

In Virginia, the Democratic Attorney General has stopped the closure of several abortion clinics after he intervened in newly enacted abortion regulations. The standards would treat abortion clinics as hospitals and cover issues such as hallway widths and closet sizes. In a statement to the state’s health commissioner, Mark Herring said that the new standards should not be applied to existing facilities, contradicting the position taken by his Republican predecessor. Herring agreed with the abortion lobby who claimed the standards were only put in place to shut the clinics down.

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Finally, the Arizona Attorney General’s Office has arrested a woman who faked cancer in order to get a late-term abortion that she claimed was necessary to save her life. According to documents obtained by Life Talk News, 29-year-old, Chalice Renee Zeitner, forged a doctor’s note to qualify for a government-funded abortion while on Arizona’s Medicaid insurance. Maricopa County officials charged Zeitner with numerous felonies and issued a warrant for her arrest, after the physician she claimed was treating her cancer told investigators that he had never met her.

In the June 2015 Life Talk show we welcome back guest Ryan Bomberger founder of The Radiance Foundation to discuss his recent win against the NAACP in a free speech case.

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Abortion clinic buffer zones? Are they legal?

Attorney Frank Manion, Senior Counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) discusses buffer zones in New Jersey:

Life Talk​ guest Frank Manion of the American Center for Law and Justice​, talks about the battle against unlawful Buffer Zones outside #abortion clinics in Newark, NJ.

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