Democrat lawmaker asks “have you looked at euthanasia?” for disabled over budget debate

Representative Michael Cahill, a Democrat lawmaker from New Hampshire, is in hot water after asking if the legislature had looked at euthanasia for the disabled during a budget debate in the state.

Since we are refusing to raise revenues to fund services for disabled, for example, have you looked at euthanasia?” he asked on the House floor.

Cahill’s statement was quickly condemned as displayed in this news report:

House Speaker Shawn Jasper quickly called Cahill out of order and called his comments “inappropriate.”

Rep. Cahill later apologized.

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  • If the issue is about money and budgets, one thing I can say for sure and I know this to be an absolute fact, is that the disabled didn’t create the budgetary problems. They are not responsible for the trillions of new debt that gets piled onto the existing debt and they are not responsible for the hidden tax of inflation. This is scapegoating of the worst kind. If the issue is money then the politicians need to open their eyes to see they have pursued wrong-headed social and economic policies that have led us up to this point. If the issue is money, public officials need to find where the wasteful spending exists, get creative to find different ways to provide good care more efficiently and learn to do more with less.

    While some people may view euthanasia a humane and merciful response, it is not. This is the stuff that tyrants are made of and you don’t have to look to far back in history to see it. A free society doesn’t kill people; it protects their right to life from which all other rights and liberties flow.

    If the issue is that the disabled don’t fit into what some people picture a “perfect” world is, I am sorry for them that their worldview is narrow, limited, and dim. There will always be disabled among us and that, in fact, is a good thing. Get used to it.

    Imagine you are a person whose calling it is to work with the disabled. What would you think and how would you react if you are a person who loves the people you serve and you hear the rallying cry, as we just have, if we aren’t going to increase the budget, have you thought about killing them? The most merciful thing we can do to politicians who promote death over life, and sorrow over joy is to vote them out of office and replace them with others who will not pursue wrong-headed social, economic and public policies that promote the killing of the innocent.

    Comment by Mary on April 15, 2015 at 8:49 pm

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