Episode 116 | America’s View Of The Unborn Is Our Core Issue

Episode 116 | America’s View Of The Unborn Is Our Core Issue

The abortion lobby likes to portray the abortion industry and its workers as respectable medical professionals who are the champions of women. But as this episode shows, this is far from the truth. From deplorable clinic conditions to the industry’s sketchy characters, this episode reveals that abortion is the red-light district of medicine.

Shocking investigation accuses Planned Parenthood of selling aborted baby parts

A new and shocking undercover investigation has alleged that Planned Parenthood is selling aborted baby parts using the outlawed gruesome partial birth abortion procedure. The multi-year operation, which revealed the grisly operation of questionable and possibly illegal activity at the nation’s largest abortion clinic chain, could call into question Planned Parenthood’s regular funding of federal…

Hillary Clinton defended Partial Birth Abortion

2016 Democrat presidential hopeful, Hillary Rodham Clinton is so extreme on abortion that she once defended the horrific partial birth abortion procedure. In 2003, a law to ban Partial Birth Abortion came before the US Senate, and then Senator Hillary Clinton defended the gruesome late term procedure, opposed by a majority of American people. The…