#2 – Genocide is easier to sell when no one sees it but the killers

#2 – Genocide is easier to sell when no one sees it but the killers

The pro-choice mob goes ballistic when pro-lifers show graphic images of abortion to the public. Of course, pictures of abortion are disgusting and barbaric, but only because abortion itself is disgusting and barbaric. What’s even more disgusting and barbaric, is that what’s shown in those photos is tolerated in a society that considers itself to be civilized.

Police harass pro-lifer outside Planned Parenthood says national group

A national pro-life groups claims the D.C. police are harassing a pro-life side walk counselor exposing the truth of abortion outside Planned Parenthood. According to the pro-life group Created Equal, which routinely shows abortion victim imagery, D.C police continue to harass pro-life activist Lauren Handy outside Planned Parenthood Metropolitan Washington. A video documenting the abuse…

Abortion doc who “removes the pregnancy” sees killing babies as a “calling”

An abortion doc who claims that he “removes the pregnancy” describes the killing of unborn babies with abortion as a “calling.” On a former episode of Life Talk TV, host Mark Crutcher and the panel discuss statements made by abortionist Dennis Christensen. Christensen began killing unborn babies in 1973, the year Roe v. Wade was…

Saving babies with pro-life abortion animation

Unborn babies are being saved from abortion through the use of pro-life animation. One such tool geared to help explain the abortion procedure and it’s risks is Life Dynamics‘ animation DVD. This tool is a non-graphic animated presentation of the most common first and second trimester abortion procedures, including descriptions of potential injuries and complications….