Carol Everett Joins Our Pro-Life Show, Life Talk

Life Dynamics is honored to announce that Carol Everett will be a permanent co-host! The pro-life show, airing since 1992, will see a few other new changes.


Life Dynamics is honored to announce that Carol Everett will be a permanent co-host!

Carol Everett

The pro-life show, which has been going strong since 1992, will see a few other new changes as well. Co-Host Mark Crutcher, president of Life Dynamics, says the show was created in response to pro-abortion media bias.

We began Life Talk in 1999 as a way for the pro-life movement to communicate with one another. The simple fact is that things happen every day in this battle that the secular media is never going to cover.”

In addition Carol Everett, the show is co-hosted by Life Dynamics president, Mark Crutcher, and vice-president Renee Hobbs. Together, the hosts discuss the latest hard-hitting pro-life news and abortion topics and feature interviews with people from all over the pro-life movement.

But as technology changes and the way we get our news, so does LifeTalk. Since 2014, Life Dynamics has made the show available to watch online each month for free. Starting this month, shorter shows will be released weekly at Episodes roughly around 15 to 20 minutes in duration will released each Monday.

Host Mark Crutcher, states that these changes have had a powerful effect on the show. He adds, “currently we are producing the best shows we have ever done.”

Viewers might also to know that the online show is released through YouTube. This was done so that fans can be notified when a new episode is released – even and watch them on the go with their mobile devices.

Life Talk YouTube Channel

Those wishing to catch up on the current month’s episodes can go the show’s YouTube channel where they’re conveniently featured in a playlist. Hosting the episodes through YouTube also allows viewers to easily share their thoughts about the episode or share it with friends. Life Talk viewers can also interact with the show on social media via Facebook and Twitter.

LifeTalk Episode Comments
Life Dynamics loves getting viewer feedback on the topics discussed in each show!

Watch the clip below to hear how Carol Everett went from being an abortion provider to a pro-woman, pro-life advocate.

Hear Carol’s Story:

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