The Unborn Need You Today!

It’s Election Day!

Mid-Term elections are finally here and with it comes big implications for the pro-life movement, the abortion industry, and most importantly the unborn babies. No matter the outcome for the Mid-Terms, we must continue to fight for the pre-born. We must not put our “eggs-in-one-basket” and rely on this outcome to end abortion, but rather continue to fight until the constitutional rights of EVERY SINGLE baby is restored and they are safe in the womb. We MUST hold every politician accountable and be prepared to continue this conflict into the future.

So if you haven’t already, we encourage you to go out today and vote. But remember, if you vote pro-choice – you are pro-choice!

This election day, remember that when you vote pro-choice, you are pro-choice.


While you are out there waiting to vote or watching the election returns be sure to check out the following links:



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Politicans Say: "As A Politician It's Not My Place To Impose My Beliefs On Others."

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