Life Dynamics

What Is Abortion?

Timeline of Fetal Development

3d and 4d Ultrasounds can now capture amazing, in-utero images of the amazing and intricate development process. Click to see the development process captured on film!

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Abortion Instruments

See the different tools that are used in various abortion procedures.

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The Methods of Abortion

How an abortion is done depends on the stage of the pregnancy.

This page explains the most commonly used procedures for each trimester of pregnancy.

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Risks and Complications

Because abortions are risky procedures, it is common for a woman to be injured while having one. Any woman seeking an abortion should be aware of all the potential injuries and complications before consenting to the procedure.

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Abortion Pictures

These pictures exist because abortionists, who were paid to ‘terminate’ a pregnancy, killed the babies in these photos.

*Warning: Graphic Images. Viewer Discretion is advised.*

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Hurt by Abortion

Both legal and emotional help is available to women who have been victimized and their rights compromised. By standing up for your rights you can also help protect other women from harassment, assault, or poor medical practices.

Our services are 100% free of charge.

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