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Abortion and Pro-Life News for the week of January 25, 2020 – January 31, 2020… A number of states are suing over a new Trump administration rule. Pro-abortion billboards stir controversy in New Mexico. Some pro-lifers are feeling out-of-place in the Democrat Party. Politicians in Florida are looking to pass parental notification laws, after it failing once before… And much more!

Pro-Lifers Feeling Out-of-Place in Democrat Party

Abortion and the Democrat party have become counterparts with each other. The Democrat Presidential candidates make no effort to deny the fact that they whole-heartedly support abortion and believe that it is “healthcare”. But some Democrats that say they are pro-life are having a hard time finding a place in the party. For example, Democrats for Life president, Kristen Day has stated, “There’s a crisis within our own party” and that she and others like her are experiencing “homelessness”. Recently, during a Fox News town hall, Day asked Pete Buttigieg if he even wanted voter support from people who oppose abortion; he failed to answer her question directly, instead he talked about his support for Roe v. Wade. Going into the future, pro-lifers who say that they are Democrats, will have an even harder time trying to fit into the party as the party openly shows their extremism on the abortion issue.

Florida Politicians Looking to Pass Parental Notification Law

Different states have distinctive parental notification laws when minors try to have abortions. Florida is close to passing their own parental notification law, which would require females under 18 to get permission from a parent before getting an abortion. The Senate will soon be voting on the bill, and if the House approves it, the governor can then sign it into law. Governor Ron DeSantis has been pushing for the bill and has stated that he will sign it. If the bill passes, it will be the second time that Florida has passed a parental notification law; the first time the state Supreme Court struck it down. Florida politicians are confident that this time will be successful, being able to withstand a challenge in the state Supreme Court.

Abortion Pill Reversal Bill Introduced in Michigan

Some politicians recently introduced a bill in the Michigan House of Representatives that would require abortionists to notify women about the abortion pill reversal, which could possibly stop a medical abortion after a woman has taken mifepristone. The group that started the abortion pill reversals says that the treatment is effective in stopping abortions between 48 to 64 percent of the time. Of course, abortion advocates are not happy with this bill, calling the abortion pill reversal “pseudo science”. The bill has been sent to the House Committee on Families, Children and Seniors for deliberation.

Planned Parenthood Plans to Expand Abortion Services in Kentucky

Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky just recently announced that after receiving a provisional license, that their Louisville location will now provide abortion services. The Louisville Planned Parenthood will begin providing abortions in March. This will be Kentucky’s second abortion provider.

New Hampshire to Consider Anti-Abortion Bills

Four pro-life bills were introduced in New Hampshire, and if they pass, will put restrictions on abortions. The New Hampshire Judiciary Committee heard testimony about the four bills, including a heartbeat bill. New Hampshire is currently liberal when it comes to abortion and presently Democrats are the majority. Devon Chaffee, executive director of the state’s American Civil Liberties Union chapter stated, “The bills being heard today perpetuate dangerous myths about abortion that we’ve seen pursued in other states. They also defy New Hampshire’s longstanding bipartisan support for reproductive health care. Passage of such legislation would serve only to burden New Hampshire taxpayers with costly litigation.”

California Among a Group of States to Sue Over Abortion Billing Rule

California, and some other states, have challenged a Trump administration ruling that requires insurers, under federal health laws, to send separate bills for abortion and regular healthcare coverage. Under the new rule, which takes effect June 27, individuals will have to pay both bills- one for the amount of their premium that pays for abortion and the other for the non-abortion healthcare. If the individuals don’t pay both bills, they could lose all of their healthcare insurance coverage until the next enrollment period. The states that are suing are: New York, Maine, Maryland, Oregon, Vermont and the District of Columbia. California Attorney General Xavier Becerra said, “The new rule is just another Trump administration attack on women and reproductive rights.”

Pro-Abortion Billboards Stir Controversy in New Mexico

Billboards that read, “Rape is about power and control. So are abortion bans. Keep abortion safe and legal.” recently popped up across New Mexico. The billboard initiative was created by ProgressNow New Mexico. The communications director for the group, Marianna Anaya, stated, “Across the United States, there is an epidemic of politicians, governments and extremists who are trying to assert power and control over our bodies by means of banning abortion—a personal decision that should always remain between a person and their doctor.”

County in Texas Becomes Sanctuary for Unborn

Cities in East Texas have been declaring themselves sanctuary cities for the unborn. Recently, Ellis County became the first county in Texas to pass a resolution, declaring itself a sanctuary county for the unborn. The resolution was voted on unanimously with a 5-0 vote, after Judge Todd Little brought the resolution to court following Senate Bill 22. U.S. Congressman, Ron Wright, stated, “I applaud the Ellis County Commissioners’ Court for being a voice for the voiceless and passing this monumental resolution. I am inspired by the elected officials, leaders, and constituents in the 6th District that continue to defend the inalienable right to life given to us by the Declaration of Independence. Protecting the unborn is something we hold dear to our hearts in Texas, and I am thrilled that Ellis County is the first county in Texas, and one of the first counties in the United States to become a sanctuary for life. I want to congratulate Judge Todd Little and the County Commissioners on this incredible achievement and want to express my unwavering support for this resolution.”

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Abortion supporters like to label themselves as “pro-choice,” but the choice to do what? It has never been a part of their agenda to protect any choice other than abortion. And despite the fact that at least three people are directly impacted by abortion, (the mother, the father, and the child) their argument is that only the woman is entitled to a “choice.”

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