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With new issues released monthly, this free newsletter will feature original articles from the staff at Life Dynamics that you can’t get anywhere else.

The History of the
Pro-Life Movement

Learn the history of the movement that began long before Roe v. Wade went to the Supreme Court.

Learn About The Two Decisions That Created Legalized Abortion
In America

There is a common misconception that Roe v. Wade created legalized abortion throughout the entire pregnancy. Learn about the companion decisions, Roe vs. Wade & Doe vs. Bolton, that together created what we know as legalized abortion in America.

Pro-Life Answers

Q & A!

In the battle against abortion, we often see it in pro-life people who unknowingly use rhetoric that actually reinforces pro-abortion positions. Knowing the true heart of the typical questions and misconceptions as well as the common pro-choice movement’s rhetoric can help you learn how to respond to them in the future.

A Message From The Unborn

Discontinued bumper sticker from Life Dynamics, reading "Abortion's A Wrong Not A Right."

This short and heart-breaking video gives a voice to that baby – gives a voice to the thousands of babies that are killed on a daily basis by abortion.

The Pact

The Pact: A Letter To The Pro-Life Movement

Learn about the amazing – but overlooked – things that you and the pro-life movement have achieved.

Siege – The Pro-Life Field Manual

Siege - A Pro-Life Field Manual by Mark Crutcher

Right now, the pro-life movement is entering a new phase as we continue to fight for the pre-born. This game-changing book, written by Mark Crutcher, is designed to provide a better understanding of the battle ahead and the unseen opportunity that awaits us.

Do you believe that the unborn
child has a right to life?

Even the smallest actions can have a huge impact. Learn how you can easily become another voice for the unborn.

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