Life Dynamics Calls For Congressional Investigation & Defunding of “Big Abortion” For Matters Related To Racial Discrimination & Hate Crimes


Today, Life Dynamics, the Texas based organization that produced the film, Maafa 21, documenting that abortion was legalized as an instrument of eugenics and black genocide, responded to dramatic admissions by several former employees of Planned Parenthood and other pro-choice organizations.

These employees are publicly saying that they witnessed overt and widespread racism inside these groups. In recent weeks, similar reports have leaked out of the abortion industry in which other employees have made the same charge.

Planned Parenthood

Life Dynamics president, Mark Crutcher, addressed these revelations, saying, “This should surprise absolutely no one. In our documentary, Maafa21, we proved that the American abortion industry was founded by people with a sinister racial agenda and it would be the very definition of stupidity to think they would think more highly of their minority employees and clients than they think of the minority populations they are trying to wipe out.”

Crutcher went on to call it a national scandal that, for decades, state and federal governments have been giving these racist organizations hundreds-of-millions of taxpayer dollars every year. He asserts that, “There is no more moral justification for giving money to Planned Parenthood than there is for giving it to the Klan.” In response, he is calling for the immediate defunding of these groups and a congressional investigation into matters related to racial discrimination and hate crimes by these organizations.

Life Dynamics has a long history of carrying out covert operations within the abortion industry and Crutcher says he is putting together an aggressive campaign to get whistleblower employees – past and present – to come forward. He is also recruiting other conservative and pro-life organizations to join him in this campaign, and encouraging people to sign a petition for the defunding of these groups. “In the era of Black Lives Matter it is indefensible that we are using taxpayer dollars to fund racism.”

For inquires or requests for interviews, please contact Sheila Crutcher at [email protected] or (940) 380-8800

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