Life Dynamics

Behind Closed Doors

As soon as Roe v Wade and Doe v Bolton were settled in court, the pro-abortion crowd cheered and celebrated, for abortion was deemed legal in America (click here to learn more about the legalization of abortion). The people who were for abortion argued that women would no longer have to rely on the “back alley” or the “coat hanger” abortions, and now women could finally have safe and reliable abortions.

But just because abortion became legalized does not mean that it became a legitimate medical procedure. Today, it is more evident than ever that abortion isn’t safe. Determined to protect the thing they fought so long and hard for, the abortion industry, the abortionists, and clinic workers will sell women down the river in order to hide what’s really going on behind closed doors.


Clinics With Bad Habits and Dirty Secrets

Despite all the regulations, clinics across the country have a history of choosing to neglect the health and safety standards…

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Whistle Blowers

Clinic employees come forward to reveal shocking and illegal behavior in America’s abortion clinics.

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