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Bad Medicine

The abortion lobby has fought long and hard for years to promote abortion as part of women’s healthcare. At Life Dynamics, we get an unseen look at what happens in these clinics on a day-to-day basis as part of our ABAMAL program and our undercover investigations. From the unethical practices and terrible conditions found in these clinics, the doctors who perform them, to testimony from those who have worked in the abortion industry and those affected by abortion, the reality is that the “reproductive services” that these clinics can hardly be called anything other than BAD Medicine.

Abortions on Non-Pregnant Women

The issue of performing abortions on women who are not pregnant would seem like fiction. In fact, that is exactly what the abortion industry and abortion proponents would like you to believe. Unfortunately, abortions performed on non- pregnant women is far from fiction or something from the past.

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Baby Body Parts For Sale

In April of 1997, Life Dynamics began a two-year undercover investigation into the marketing of body parts harvested from babies killed by elective abortions. The bodies of aborted babies are sold at premium prices and terms like “site fees”, “donations”, and “retrieval reimbursement costs” are simply code words designed to conceal the true activities that are taking place.

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Jail Birds—The Abortion Industry’s Most Wanted

Praised as the “champions of women” by pro-choice activists and supporters, these doctors are the “best and brightest” the abortion industry has to offer. These same champions are the very ones who have been to court, in front of the medical board, and even sent to jail –sometimes on multiple occasions- for their actions…

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Second Thoughts on Abortion

First hand testimony that proves that abortion doesn’t play favorites. It devastates everyone it touches.

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Behind Closed Doors

Just because abortion became legalized does not mean that it became a legitimate medical procedure. Determined to protect the thing they fought so long and hard for, the abortion industry, the abortionists, and clinic workers will sell women down the river in order to hide what’s really going on behind closed doors.

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